Buy Fire & Water Damage Restoration Leads – Pay per lead vs SEO Marketing


Logic behind Why water damage restorations companies Fail to Get Quality Leads with Internet Advertisement.


Some may wonder why majority of contractors attempt with online marketing & lead generation for their water damage restoration companies.


They are challenging each other for their leads, instead of becoming the top dog.


Let us go into more detail.


When we look at the online lead generation game, a lot of companies are just looking to use paid lead services like:


  • homeadvisor
  • ads on yellowpages
  • ads on yelp
  • Google Adwords
  • thumbtack


We can’t talk for everyone though. Some people are actually doing good using these services, but it really depends on the city and type of job you are going after.


This whole process can end up to be super costly and resulting in inconsistent results


The one thing that stays the same with these companies is that you are always in competition for your leads.


Competition is nearly never good for a business. Competition only benefits the customer. It’s super important to know that.


Let’s dive more into the problems with some of the pay per lead services.


1.Makes Prices Down: For example, Homeadvisor will take a lead and share it with all of the contractors in the local area signed up with them. This makes it so you have to battle with them for it. That results in you having to undercharge your services to keep up. Nobody wants to share leads with anybody, especially those that undercut your jobs.


  1. Having to deal with Price Shoppers & Tire Kickers: Chances are that the people that are signed up with Homeadvisor and yellow pages are the ones that tend to “price shop”. That basically means that they aren’t looking for the best quality company to work with, they just want it do quickly and cheap. The people that you want to see your site might not ever even see it.


  1. Google: The added traffic that sites gain is still pale when looking at the people searching in google. If the source of the lead is only using those paid program sites, then they are missing out on a huge market.


  1. Getting Charged for Bad Leads or Fraudulent Clicks: When using Google Adwords, you get charged for the click. There are tons of fraudulent clicks that are going on that a lot of business owners don’t even know of. That means that they are getting charged for bad leads and the clicks of bots and spammers. When using Homeadvisor or even thumbtack, you still get charged for low quality leads that you never had a chance of anyway.


The previous point we made is a really big one. We have an in house software that can detect these bad types of clicks on Google Ads. It really blows people’s minds to see how much money is being thrown down the drain.


Chances are, you would never want your business to be in the hands of a paid advertising service because you are never in the driver’s seat of ROI and quality of leads you are going after.  

Who We Are?

My client and I

We dominate top spots

Client landing job


Hey my name is Ippei, (Pronounced E-Pay) and I have been producing leads for local businesses in the area for years now. I have gone about doing this by using what is called Organic SEO or search engine optimization. Basically, it means that I have the education and knowledge that is needed to make my companies site reach the top of Google’s search engine as well as getting their map pinned to the top.


I see it over and over again: the huge difference this makes for a company, even the ones that were doing well when using homeadvisor, google ads or other water damage restoration lead sites.


When you control the market, you can easily charge the maximum amount for your jobs, and have yourself booked out weeks/months in advance. When you get your “properties” to the top spot on search engines(Google), then you are going to consistently start to get phone calls, and have more ideal customers contacting you. Consistency allows companies to expand. They can hire more staff, and begin to safely invest.


Let’s straighten something up though. If you are using those paid services we talked about, and you are seeing an ROI, there really isn’t anything wrong with continuing to use them.


But with everything considered, if I owned a water damage restoration company, my first step would be to get to the top of Google for that search result for my city.


When you are at the top of Google, it can really be life changing. Nothing quite compares to it.


I’ve heard/seen it first hand, and continue to see it over and over with my clients.


The Answer: Best Water Damage Lead Generation Strategy is Smart SEO

The reality is, when looking at the idea of water damage restoration leads is this:


It is alright to use paid services if you are seeing a positive ROI or a beginning company.


But in order to really take your business to the next step, you need to control the Google searches.


If you want large masses of leads that turn into those high paying jobs, you need to rank for the main keywords plus your city such as:


-Water damage Sacramento

-Flooding companies Portland

-Water issues in Miami


Some of this may seem obvious, but you need to know not to stop there.


You see, those highly searched keywords will be one of the most important things when looking to become the biggest contractor in the area, but they aren’t the only “money” keywords out there.  


People don’t always search for those main keywords.


It’s shocking to see the huge list of keywords that people are searching in Google. You really need to find them and go after them as well, because if your aren’t, chances are your competition is.


  • affordable water damage restoration contractors
  • best flooding contractors
  • Basement flood replacement
  • home water restoration designers


If you need certain high paying jobs, then you need to make sure your company’s website is coming up on google(search engine) when people search for that specific job.


Because those people need that specific job, they are ready to spend money on that service right away. To get to those jobs though, they are searching those keywords on Google 90% of the time.


You need to put your site in the best position possible: in front of their eyes. The best thing about that is, is that once you’re at the top, you can dominate over your competition rather than having to deal with them for every lead. The top site always gets the most clicks.


What we just went over is SEO the smart and right away, trying to obtain those keywords that make the most money.


Another key point to add onto everything is that you want to rank in smaller cities around you that have money.


Example being, you don’t want to just rank in Cleveland, but you want to make sure your site is ranking in the smaller surburb cities that are around Cleveland. My clients are all amazed at the quality jobs they are landing that they had been missing out on prior to doing SEO the right way.


End Note:

A lot of companies do not do enough on the internet.


There are tons of keywords that all have to do with the water damage restoration niche that can make tons of money that companies are not using. If you are only focusing on ranking for things such as “water damage companies” you are missing out on a whole new game.


The true lead generation game is studying any keyword that your potential customers are looking up, and then making sure you obtain those words. You want to rank your “properties” above all of your competition.


It can take a lot of time and work to accomplish this. But, each new keyword that your company’s ranks for can make you hundreds, if not even thousands more.


Most companies aren’t aware about how many high quality leads they are missing out on every month.


If you are only relying on paid lead generation sites like homeadvisor then you are going to deal with those annoying price shoppers that we talked about earlier. Because of this, you are going to miss out on the customers that are ready to actually hire you.


WHen you rank for the better, more high intense words such as


“Most affordable water damage restoration in cities around Portland”


You are setting your company up to be in the best spot possible: in front of the most customers.


These are always the best to deal with because they make up their mind ahead of time that they are going to invest.


Every lead is different than the next one.


When using smart SEO, you can afford to try and obtain those higher quality leads that lead into closed jobs at much better percentages. It then leaves your competition to fight for whatever you have not taken.


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