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What is Lead Generation Marketing?

It simply means we are very result oriented when it comes to ranking in Google.

We do lead generation for small businesses by ranking for the most competitive & important keywords that convert into phone calls.

We are the go-to choice for people looking for lead generation companies for contractors including roofing, tree service, plumbing, HVAC / Heating & Air Conditioning, home remodeling, landscaping, water damage restoration & more.

Being able to generate phone calls is what really determines your value as a marketer.

Because at the end of the day, that’s really what the business owner wants. Right?

There’s a lot of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) marketing companies out there that promise to get you rankings but if you rank for obscure keywords it doesn’t do you much good.

For example, if a SEO company helps you rank for “best commercial roof repair company Los Angeles CA” and it gets you just few visitors per day, that’s not really going to be a life changing difference, where as if you rank for “roofing Los Angeles” that gets over thousand visitors per month, then its really going to begin making a large impact.

For a lot of our clients, we are getting paid based on performance (using things like call tracking) so we go after the most competitive and important keywords that generate the most amount of “leads” or phone calls & appointments for your business.
We utilize tactics that most SEO companies aren’t aware of to get the highest paying leads for our clients.

Because we track every lead we generate, over the years we have become experts in cutting out the BS and to simply go after the leads that pay big dollars.

For example in the roofing niche, it is very important to go after commercial roof replacement leads. In the plumbing niche, the high ticket items are sewer line repair leads. In tree service, emergency storm damage leads are very lucrative. For HVAC, it is new air conditioner installations.

We are based in Detroit, Michigan (MI) but now have clients in the following cities & more

Chicago, Illinois
San Diego, California
Orlando & Miami, Florida
Oklahoma City, OK
Dallas / Ft Worth
Boston, MA
Springfield, Missouri
Virginia Beach, VA
Huntsville, Alabama

Yes we utilize very high level SEO for our lead generation business, its how we apply it that makes all the difference. We take great pride in the fact that we have been able to increase the revenue of every local & national business that decided to work with us because we are able to rank in Google for the toughest / competitive keywords that turns into high volume & high quality leads that predicatably increases our clients bottom line, leading to change in their business & life for the better.

Take the Lead by Playing it Smart

The key to ranking at the top of search engine, getting traffic & generating leads is simple as this analogy.

If two people are exploring in the safari and suddenly they are attacked by a lion. One guy panics & starts running right away. The other guy takes his gear off first including the heavy camera, backpack, boots, etc then starts running at full speed. The second guy is wise to the fact that all he has to do is outrun the first guy to survive. Although the first guy got the head start, he is soon smoked in the foot race by the guy that was next to him which led to his demise.

We approach local rankings much the same way, we first study the top players in any niche + city we go into. Reverse engineer all the factors that’s currently getting them the top rankings, as long as we can identify that we got what it takes to beat them in each area we will take on the project and then its only a matter of time before we can hit the promise land of top 3 map pack. Even 1-2 steps ahead of the competition is enough. In most cases, after a while, we have sprinted so far ahead for them to ever catch up to us.


Step 1: Identify the Top Players

Using a clean browser with history & cache cleared, & signed out of Gmail accounts so that you can get accurate search results not one based on your page visit history, we identify who are the top companies in the city that’s generating the most revenue. A good indicator is to see who’s ranking in the top 3 maps for the main keyword because that is the big money word that yields the highest reward.

If you do these searches yourself, you will notice that most companies that’s ranked at the top 3 maps also have their website ranked near the top of organic search as well. This is because the main factor that affects map rankings is the organic site ranks. Therefore, the most important property is your website.


Step 2: Reverse Engineer the Top Guy

At the end of the day, Google is an algorithm, it does not have any emotions, no bias towards certain companies over others. There is a reason why the current top guys are where they are at. It is largely due to their quantity & quality of back-links, and if their link profile can be beaten then in due time Google will grant you the top position in the local searches.

Google wants to remain the king of search engines so they can continue to make money from Google ads. In order to hold the lion share, their algorithm has to serve the best search results for the users.

This is how sites are ranked. According to the content, relevance to the topic and what other sites are saying about it. (links = votes)


Step 3: Building the Stronger than the Top Guy

This is where the majority of the high-level SEO skills come into play.

It is how I build the quality back-links for my clients that separates me from other SEO companies.

This is all about having a deep understanding of how the Google Algorithm ranks sites.

Each time a different site links to you it’s like a vote in Google’s eyes. In the past, SEO’s just focused on getting quantities of backlinks, but Just getting random links is not good enough in 2017. Spammy links no longer work and it can penalize you.

Now it’s quality over everything. Here at Ippei Leads, we got the skills to get the highest quality links for our clients that are real. Everything is done in-house and not outsourced anywhere because we understand this is the most important aspect of SEO. This is what separates us from the competition.

Once we reverse engineer the top guy, we know pretty much what it’s going to take to out-rank them so it’s only a matter of time before we do because every link we build is superior than what 99% of the SEO’s out there are building.

About Ippei Kanehara

Hi, my name is Ippei Kanehara, pronounced Epay. I do SEO that is very result oriented and aggressive since a lot of clients pay me based on my performance. I have many #1 ranked sites and I have the skills to go into any city and take the top spots.

I’m dedicated at doing whatever it takes to get the top rankings that can completely change a business. I do not take on just any client, I only work with 1 client exclusively for that city & niche. What I am looking for is someone that is looking to dominate their competition and expand their business to the next level.

I also blog at ippei.com where I talk about how a lead generation course changed my life. 

I'm now part of the coaching program where we teach lead generation to students and help them quit their 9 to 5's. Lead generation is the best online business model imo.

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