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Reasons as to Why Tree Service Contractors don’t Get Quality Leads with Internet Advertisement


Why are a good amount of contractors having a hard time with online marketing & lead generation for their company?


They are fighting for their leads, rather than dominating their market place.


Let me elaborate:


When we look at online lead generation & tree service marketing, companies are often just looking to use paid lead services like,


  • homeadvisor
  • ads on yellowpages
  • ads on yelp
  • Google Adwords
  • thumbtack

Before we go into the details of these services, some companies are doing very well using them, but it depends solely upon city and niche.


These services can often times become super costly and expensive at times.


One drawback of these services is that you are always fighting with your competition for leads.


Competition is always something that hurts a business. It only benefits the customer. It’s really worth holding onto that fact.


Let’s look at some of these issues a little more.


  1. The tendency to Drive Prices Down: When we look at homeadvisor, they share the lead they get with all of the contractors around the lead. That forces you to go head to head with your competition to try and steal it from them. You then probably are going to have to under price your jobs in order to keep up with everything. Nobody wants to share their tree service lead with a ton of other companies willing to undercut my job.


  1. Looking at Price Shoppers & Tire Kickers: The people that sign up to use Homeadvisor, yellow pages and thumbtack are normally the ones that tend to “price shop” where they are looking for the cheapest service, not always the top quality. The people that are looking for the best or the ones that are ready to invest right away may not ever see your company because all they do is search in google.


  1. Most of the market using Google: The traffic that any site obtains is still pale in comparison to the ones searching on google. If your only lead source is at the paid program sites, then there is a huge market you are missing.


  1. Getting Charged for Fraudulent Clicks or Bad Leads: When you use Google Adwords, there are tons of fraudulent clicks that a ton of business don’t even know of. Basically, they’re getting charged for clicks of spammers and bots. When using Homeadvisor or thumbtack, you are still getting charged for low quality leads that you never had a chance at.


The last point we made is a huge one. We here, have a one of a kind software that can detect those awful bot clicks and spam. It’s amazing to see the amount of money people are wasting for basically nothing.


I doubt anyone would want their business to only go off of paid advertising because you can never really control the ROI and quality of leads you are trying to obtain.


Who We Are?

My client and I

One of my clients and the job they landed

We dominate top spots


Hello! The name’s Ippei, (pronounced E-Pay), and I have been helping local companies generate leads full time for several years now. I have gone about doing this by using Organic SEO or search engine optimization. Basically, it means that I have the skills needed in order to make sure my client’s site gets to the top of Google’s search engine, along with their map listing getting pinned to the top as well.


Through the years I have seen it over and over, the huge difference this makes for businesses. I have even seen it make a huge difference for the companies that were having success using some of the paid services like google ads or homeadvisor.


When you control the marketplace you then have the ability to charge max dollar for your services and that will lead to you being booked out weeks in advance. When you get properties at the top of the number one search engine in the world, you will consistently get phone calls from your ideal customers. Consistency is great for companies because it allows them to then work on other things such as investing and hiring more staff.


If you are using those paid services we talked about and you are still seeing and ROI, it’s not a problem to keep using them.


But knowing everything that I know now, if I owned a tree service business, my very first step would to be to dominate Google search for my city.


When you get to the top to of Google it’s life changing.


I continue to see it over and over again.


The Solution: Best Tree Service Lead Production Strategy is Smart SEO


The thing is, when we look at tree service lead generation,


-You should use paid services if you see a ROI or are beginning out.


*But if you really want to see those life changing results, you need to make sure you are the commander of Google.


If you want those leads that turn into huge jobs, you need to make sure you are ranking for the main keywords plus your city like:


-tree service Chicago

-tree service contractors Miami

-lawn contractors Sarasota

-home tree service


What we’ve said thus far may seem obvious but you need to make sure that’s not the only thing you are doing.


Those highly searched main keywords are the “key factor” to rank for if you want to become the best tree service company in your local area. HOWEVER, those aren’t the only money keywords out there.


People search other words.


It’s amazing to see the huge list of tail keywords that people search for in Google. You need to figure out what those are and attack. If you don’t move on them, you can for sure know that your competition is going after them.


-affordable tree service companies

-tree service companies with the top quality work

-at home cheap tree service companies

-lawn designers

-top notch tree/yard renovations

-tree remodeling


If there are certain high paying jobs that you need more of, then you have to set yourself up to get them. You need to make sure you are in front of those people in the search engine when they are searching for that job.


The customers that need these services and are ready to invest are searching these keywords in Google 90% of the time.


You need to make sure that you are setting yourself up right in front of them. The best part is, when you get to the top, you are going to dominate over them rather than compete with them. This is because the top guy always gets more clicks than lower ranked sites.


What we just went over is SEO the smart way. Finding the words that your customers are searching for and trying to obtain them.


One last point to add on though is that you want to make sure you are ranking in smaller cities that have wealthy people.


One case of this might be that you are ranked in Louisville, but you also want to make sure that you are ranked in the smaller cities around there. My clients are all amazed at the quality of jobs they are pulling from those “tiny” cities.



Most companies don’t do enough on the internet.


There are so many keywords that are affiliated with the tree service niche that make tons of money that companies are missing out on. If you are only focusing on ranking for “tree service companies” you are missing out on 90% of the game.


True Online lead generation is basically an idea in which you have to look for the keywords that your customers are searching for and make sure you do whatever humanly possible to get those words.


It can take a ton of time and effort though, it really isn’t easy. The upside is though, that every new keyword you rank for, could easily add thousands of dollars to your total each month.


Most companies aren’t aware of the amount of high quality leads they aren’t getting every month.


If you only lean on companies like homeadvisor, more often than not, you are going to be dealing with those price shoppers we talked about. When you spend the time dealing with those, you are going to miss out on the customers that are ready to purchase with their cash in hand.


When you rank for the high buyer “intent” keywords like


“Best quality tree service companies in New Orleans”


You are going to set yourself up perfectly in front of those customers that are ready to buy.


These are always the best to deal with because they already decided that they are going to invest.


Every lead is different.


When using what we talked about as “Smart SEO” you will have the ability to go after those high quality leads that turn into closed jobs at a much higher percentage. You are going to leave your competition fighting for the scraps.


If you are interested in what we talked about, and want to generate more leads for your tree service company, contact us here.