Plumber Leads – How to Generate Leads Organically in 2019


Looking into Why Most Plumbers Fail at Generating Good Leads:

Let’s go into more details. Most of these companies tend to take the easy route and look to use the paid lead services such as:



There are a few issues with these services though. Anybody can use them! They become very overloaded and you end up having to fight for your leads rather than dominating your competition. Before we continue on, these paid services can actually work for some companies. There are so many factors involved such as city they are located and what they do. More than likely though, these pay per click services become very costly. They can lack results and consistency. The reality is, paid services are not the ideal plumbing Lead Generation Strategy. One bad thing is that you are always fighting with your competition. Businesses dread competition. The only people that like competition is the consumer because they get better/reduced prices. That allows the consumer to become the dictator.


Let’s go more in detail on some of the issues with pay per lead services.


1. They oftentimes send prices shooting down. Let’s look at homeadvisor for an example. They send your lead out to all the local plumbers that are signed up to use them. When they do this, your company has to fight for that lead with everyone else signed up. You are going to have to underprice your job. Nobody wants to share a lead with people willing to undercut their job.


2. Dealing with “tire kickers” and “price shoppers”: The majority of people that use the sites we talked about tend to only look for the lowest price, not always the best quality. The people that actually have the money to invest in the best quality may never even see you because they only search on Google, rather than using homeadvisor.


3. A good percentage of the market uses Google: Traffic that is gain by the sites we went over is pale in comparison from the people that search on Google. If the lead source you are using is only dependent on paid advertising then you are missing out on a huge market. Google has the most potential.


4. Getting charged for stuff you didn’t pay for: When you use Google Adwords, you get charged for every click. There are a bunch of clicks that are fraudulent, and most people aren’t even aware of this. That basically means that people are getting charged for spam clicks. When using homeadvisor, you get charged for poor quality leads and ones that you never had a realistic chance of landing.


Number 4 is huge. Most people aren’t aware of the issue. We have a unique, in-house software that can detect those bot clicks on Google Ads. The statistics that we have are crazy to see how much money people are wasting on bad clicks. Almost everyone doesn’t want their business to have to rely on paid advertising because you aren’t in control of the ROI and the quality of leads you are going after. We take control of top spots in Google. If you search for “Plumbing in Los Angeles” We make sure that your business will show up at the very top of that search result. This produces great results because most people use google.


Who we are:


My name is Ippei (E-pay) and I have been generating leads for businesses in the area for years now. I do this by using SEO and search engine optimization. All in all, I have the tools that are needed in order to make sure my client’s site gets to that top spot we talked about. I can get their map listing pinned as well. I have seen a huge difference by doing this compared to the people that use the paid services, such as homeadvisor, google ads or other plumbing lead companies. When you control the market, you get the power to demand your price. You are going to see yourself booked out months in advance. When you achieve the top spot on Google, you are going to see a plethora of the phone calls from the ideal customers. Consistency is great for companies because it allows them to keep expanding and work on other things. Even if what we are putting down for you isn’t good enough and you want to keep using the paid services, there’s nothing wrong with that. If you are seeing a positive ROI I suggest that you continue on that route. But now know what I know, if I were the owner of a plumbing company, the first thing I would do is to make sure that I get the top spot on Google.  The top of Google is a life changed.  All the stats we have prove this.


Finally, the Answer: Best Plumbing Lead Generation Strategy is Smart SEO


The bottom line is this: Use paid services if you are beginning out or seeing an ROI. But if you want to get to the next level, that simply isn’t enough. You need to dominate Google. If you want to land all of the huge jobs we mentioned, you have to rank for the main keywords plus your city. Some examples may include:

  • Plumbing in Jacksonville
  • Plumbing companies in New Orleans
  • Home plumbers Seattle
  • Commercial plumbing in Phoenix


This may be obvious information, but you can’t stop there. The highly searched keywords we just liked are one of the top factors when attempting to get your site to the top. They aren’t the only “money” keywords though. People aren’t just searching for those. It’s truly amazing to see the list of keywords that people actually are spending the time to research in Google. As a company, you need to identify what the “unique” ones are and do whatever possible to obtain them. If you don’t have them, then you can be sure someone else is going after them. -highest quality plumbers -top notch plumbing companies in Memphis -finest plumbers Detroit -cheap and affordable indoor plumbers Cleveland If you have your eye set on a set of high paying jobs, you have to make sure that you are appearing in front of them when they search for those phrases. Your potential customers that need your service are ready to pay you. But how are they finding you? They are searching for those words in Google that we went over. You have to be the first thing in front of their eyes when they search for those words. When you get to the top, you can demand whatever you would like for your prices. Then you eliminate the competition. This is the most logical way when we look at SEO. Get the keywords that make you the most money. You also want to make sure you are ranking yourself the in smaller surrounding cities. For Example: you want to make sure that you aren’t only at the top of the rankings for Baltimore. You also want to make sure that you rank for the cities that are around Baltimore. It’s astonishing to see the money that my clients make from the smaller suburbs.



Most companies simply don’t do enough on the internet. There are countless amounts of “keywords” that have to do with plumbing that will land you high paying jobs. A lot of the companies on the internet don’t have these words. If you only try to rank yourself for “plumbing” you are missing out dearly. True lead generation is what we define it as the research it takes to figure out what your customers are looking for. It’s a rather complicated and lengthy process, but it can seriously end up making some money in the end. Every new keyword results in more money. A ton of companies don’t even know what they are missing. When you get to the top for the higher quality keywords such as:   “Top of the line plumbing in Memphis” You are going to directly set yourself up in front of the most ideal customers for yourself. They have already decided that they are going to invest. Every lead is created differently. When you use the strategic strategies, you can attack way more. You are going to land more quality leads and close way more jobs. This is going to leave your competition in the dust. Let them fight for the scraps on the paid services such as Google Ads. What we’re doing now, is showing business owners how to get these skills and generate leads on their own.


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