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How We Generated 78 PI Cases in 31 days


How we generated 78 PI Cases in 31 days

We have been generating Personal Injury Leads for attorneys nationwide for less while for some of the biggest law firms in the country, including one legal firm from Miami that spends several million in advertising per month.

We commonly see law firms spend 3-4 times less per lead that convert at a much higher percentage with us than any other sources of advertising that they were using previously.

At this point, we have already spent over a million in advertising for personal injury lawyers and have very good understanding of which keywords to go after to gain the maximum results.

It only takes us maybe a week or two in the new market, until we are beating the competition in local lead generation and are able to provide our clients, highly targeted leads that convert like crazy.


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How come our Personal Injury Lead Generation can produce a lead that converts at a much higher percentage?


Unlike traditional form of advertising such as TV, Newspaper, Radio, Billboards, etc.

We generate our leads directly from the top online search engines including (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc)

So these are people actively searching for help in your area. We are not blasting the advertising to just anybody driving on the highway such is the case for billboard ads, we are only getting in front of people that are searching for a personal injury lawyer, to begin with.

To increase the quality of leads, it is all about getting in front of the right audience. We want to get advertise to individuals who are currently suffering from the negligent acts of another, and the pain & suffering is acute. These people need help right away and in these kinds of circumstances, they will go online to look for help, to seek out the right attorney for them asap and they will take action.


Every human makes decisions based on one of two things, to move away from pain or to move towards pleasure. More often than not, moving away from pain is a more powerful motivator for action.

This is where we come into play and are able to get in front of these potential clients that need help.

Our expertise allows us to target very action-oriented keywords with heavy buyer intent that your competitors aren’t paying attention to. Thus we are able to capture these high-quality leads cheaper than your competition and conversion is also better.

If you’re a plaintiff’s attorney seeking inquiries looking for legal representation, contact us today.


We have experience in generating leads for specific cases such as

Car wreck accident leads


Slip and Fall – Premises Leads


Wrongful Death Leads


Boating Accident Leads


Intentional Tort Leads

Motorcycle Accident Leads

Dog Bite Leads


Negligence Leads

Whiplash claims


Compensation lawyer leads


Medical Malpractice Lawyers Leads


Bottom Line


We are confident in our abilities to get you some of the best cases leads to personal injury law in your area. Our leads have completely transformed law firms and other businesses alike. The owner of Ippei Leads LLC is an expert online marketer that still oversees every client & project. With our lead generation skills, you will not wait months to see results or cases booked. You will see results within the first couple of weeks. You will see positive ROI (Return on Investment) within a month, often times much sooner. We don’t lock clients into some bogus contract if you’re not happy with results you are never obligated to continue working with us. We can do this because we know exactly what we are doing online with personal injury lead generation. This is not our first rodeo. We’re not going out there and “trying” various things for you and hoping for the best.

Our methods are premeditated, methodical, & precise. We are more like a brain surgeon, that will go into your market identify the weaknesses of your competition & where your firm is lacking, and then precisely & accurately operate a procedure so that your law firm will begin getting the high-quality leads that were previously going to your competition.