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If you’ve been asking yourself lately, “Where can I buy or lease the best wholesale quality high-end divorcee leads online?”, you’re in the right place. 

It’s not uncommon for divorce law firms to buy divorce leads online and invest up to 4x times LESS PER LEAD for every dollar acquired per client using our professional services compared to any other advertising source they used previously. 

Here at Ippei Leads, LLC., we consistently generate high-end divorce leads on behalf of our clients, like one legal firm in Miami that invests millions of dollars in advertising per month. 

We’ve tested and spent over a million dollars advertising on behalf of divorce lawyers, attorneys and legal representatives to narrow down what keywords work best for you and your practice, and what doesn’t to maximize your ROI (return on investment). 

It’s not uncommon for us to dominate your local and regional market, destroying your competition and “siphoning” highly-targeted qualified leads that convert like crazy. 

Why Purchase High Priced Family Law Firm Marketing, Advertising and Legal Marital Divorce Separation Leads? 

There’s an ugly blemish on the modern divorce industry.  

Too many couples who can’t afford marriage are getting wed, and nearly HALF of those married couples can’t afford a divorce are seeking it when the “stuff” hits the fan. 

Let’s be honest.  

Divorce IS your business.  

It wouldn’t be such a bad thing if more people getting divorce could pay you to do it. Of course, you don’t *want* couples to get divorced. In a utopian world we would all just “get along”. In reality, people have their differences – some more serious than others.  

You doing your job to assist in divorce proceedings is no different than a firefighter waiting on the sidelines to snuff out a blaze. Similarly, you’re a Professional Disaster Control Specialist who DESERVES to be paid. 

When neither party can adequately afford legal separation from each other’s lives, they’re bound to contact the first “sucker” – we mean, “divorce lawyer” — willing to accept a pinky promise and a handshake for payment on services rendered on their behalf… 

…but only after their paycheck finally clears their bank 12 months later or their assets (usually lack thereof) are divided accordingly, when the stars align in the skies and the fortune teller down the road reveals their future reminding them “it’s time to pay up” after benefiting from your firms’ hard work. 

Many divorce attorneys file bankruptcy abandoning the industry altogether to pack their bags and head off to Tahiti. 

Divorce attorneys can spend YEARS chasing old clients for back payments.  

Have you recently experienced that? 

This is why… 

High-End Wealthy and Rich Divorce Leads Is Where The Magic Happens 

The leads we generate on behalf of our divorce attorney clients are in a league of their own.  

Here’s why: 

For starters, marketing to well-off divorcees can ‘easily’ afford to pay your retainer fees and any additional recurring expenses for your services. You would no longer be operating out of a deficit, but surplus. You spend LESS time negotiating payment terms and options, and MORE time being of service for what you’re paid to do – get your client out of a jam and bring about favorable terms on their behalf so they can start their life anew.  

When less time is wasted chasing clients for billings, more time is invested in providing a superior service your competition could never match. The more competent you are in your job, the more referrals you get from other wealthy, high-end clientele. It’s the old “snowball” effect. 

Our service makes YOUR job EASIER and “STRESS-FREE” compared to the average divorce lawyer having to take their own clients to court themselves to settle past due payments. 

Fortunately, because you’re here, we *know* you’re far from average. 

You’re exceptional… 

…and you expect exceptional results. 

That’s where we – Ippei Leads, LLC. — comes in.  We are also very experienced in generating Personal Injury leads, Bankruptcy lawyer leads & all other types of attorney leads.

We filter and sort the wheat from the chaff on your behalf using our unique lead generating system; sourcing only the best, most qualified leads you could possibly acquire for your practice. 

Now Imagine THIS… 

…your phone is ringing ‘off the hook’ and your assistant can hardly keep up with demand. Best of all, every lead is willing, ready and able to pay you upfront NOW. High-end clients are POURING into your practice in DROVES. 

How would results like THIS change your practice or your life? 

How FAST will your firm EXPLODE and exceed your revenue goals? 

How QUICKLY will your practice THRIVE? 

What will a 6 or 7-fgures annual income do for you and your family and kids? 

How much better could YOU sleep at night without worrying about how you will pay the bills – both at home and your practice? 

It’s A Hard Knock Life For Divorce Lawyers and Attorneys 


…generating leads *on top of* being a professional divorce lawyer is a DRAG. 

If you’ve ever attempted generating leads with limited knowledge and experience, you know trying to do so is about as much fun as chewing on a bowl of nails for breakfast. It’s TOUGH, HARD and BITTER; and it doesn’t get any easier with time on top of your responsibilities as a divorce attorney. 

Your primary focus should be on BEING a divorce lawyer so your skill, time and talent and that of any employees and partners can be best put to use doing what your firm does best, not ‘fiddling’ around with search engines, targeted lead pages, ad copywriting, and all of the other finer details contributing to the success of your campaign by working with our team DIRECTLY for best results. 

The fact of the matter is this: 

You can’t be in two places at one time. 

Marketing, sales and advertising is ‘tough business’. We should know. It’s what we do. It requires YEARS of experience to produce the kinds of results we routinely provide our clients on a routine basis because we know what WORKS and what DOESN’T.  

We are your shortcut to success. 

You attempting to generate leads on your own for your practice would be like one of us heading off to a college for the next 6 years, taking the bar exam and handling our own proceedings. 

As much time as it would take to do it on our own, how much smarter would it be to simply hire ‘you’; someone who has taken the lumps to the head and skillful at finessing the system on our behalf? 

It would FASTER…EASIER…SIMPLER…and CHEAPER then attempting to do it ourselves. 

Being a divorce attorney is ‘tough enough’ — why give yourself more than you can handle? 

That’s we’re *we* come in to tap into our vast knowledge and experience helping divorce lawyers like yourself get the upper leg on all of your local competitors in the surrounding areas.  

But there’s a catch. 

High-Quality Divorcee Leads You Can TRUST 

Divorce leads are *WORTHLESS* if they don’t convert into real, paying clients you can ‘bank on’.  

Our job is to ‘bridge the gap’ between you and distressed couples seeking professional legal representation on their behalf.  

In essence… 

Our Goal Is To JAM Your Phone With High-End Clients On Auto-pilot  

We will help you corner the market, ‘snuff out’ the competition and make you the ‘defector’ divorce lawyer to contact and work with exclusively in your area – locally, regionally and state-wide. 

It’s not uncommon for some of our current clients to have so much work on their plate that they request us to STOP sending them profitable leads to catch their breath and regroup themselves. 

Not a bad problem to have (smiles).  

The Secret To Affordable, Reliable and Dependable High-End Divorce Attorney Leads 

Listen, if you’ve been struggling up to this point to gain any traction in Google and Yahoo’s search engines, we’ve got the solution for you: 

Let US Handle It So YOU Don’t Have To! 

Ranking divorce lawyer and attorney websites for maximum exposure is ‘not an easy gig’.  

Keywords and site placement is more coveted than acquiring a pirate’s treasure chest because high placement on Googles search engines is worth MORE than its weight in gold for your practice. 

The reason why we’re so successful is because we focus on targeting action-oriented keywords with heavy buyer intent your competitors are *blind* to.  

So now… 

 You Only Have TWO Options 

  1. A) Take what we’ve given you thus far, put the pieces of the puzzle together yourself and invest hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars perfecting your marketing and lead generation craft, or…
  2. B) Let us handle EVERYTHING; from marketing, to filtering, to sorting, and generating leads on your behalf so you save both time and money while you focus on getting your clients desired results.

“Option B” is the only choice smart divorce lawyers like yourself make when they want to see RAPID success – FAST! 

Here’s The Bottom-Line 

The owner of Ippei Leads, LLC – Ippei Kanehara – is a “results-only” divorce attorney and lawyer lead generating human machine. 

In other words… 

…We Don’t See A Dime Until You Get Billable Time!

We consistently get more quality leads for *cheaper* than what our clients were paying previously and we do things a ‘bit differently than our competition, namely we begin producing RESULTS (leads) IMMEDIATELY! 

OUR practice is to care for YOUR practice.

We believe in PERFORMANCE, not talk. ACTION, not words. RESULTS, not theory. We’ve ranked many companies from various industries including one Miami based law firm that spends millions of dollars in advertising monthly.  

That’s MILLIONS with a capital “M”. 

However, we do NOT take on just *any* client demanding our services. We only work with ONE client EXCLUSIVELY to help his or her business *dominate* the search engines, CRUSH their competition and rake in lots and lots of profit for your firm. 

Here’s The Deal 

Ippei Leads has done most of the leg work for you. We’ve back tested, live tested and put our money where our mouth is spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to learn *definitively* what lead generation strategy converts best for divorce lawyers, and what doesn’t; sparing no expense, because we already have attorney and law clients.  

When you hire us, you’re tapping into a vast database of knowledge, experience and resources you’ll be hard-pressed to find anywhere else for our affordable prices.  

Remember, all of the “trial n’ error” work has been done. All you have to do is prepare your firm to experience the results and influx of business that comes knocking on your office doors.  

Our business model is simple. You pay for high quality leads we generate on your behalf using our expertise. 

Don’t underestimate the amount of time, money and effort it took for us to provide a “turn-key lead generation service”. It wasn’t easy by any means. Not even Michael Jordan – the world-famous basketball player – could score every basket despite winning 6 championships every championship game. We missed many baskets; lost many games; but ultimately came out ahead with a proven WINNING FORMULA that converts the BEST keywords and landing pages to effectively convert cold and warm traffic into cash paying leads for your firm. 


Let’s Work TOGETHER To BUILD Your Case Load Today

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Ippei (owner of Ippei Leads, LLC.) will evaluate your situation, go over your specific needs in detail and provide a strategic plan to get you swimming in an endless sea of clients faster than you can say, “lickity split” regardless if you handle unbundled legal services, offer full-representation or both. 


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