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The Story of Two 25 Y.O Budding Attorneys In New York City Who Graduated Together – Side-By-Side – at Columbia University 

On a beautiful late summer afternoon, twenty-five years ago from today, two whipper snappers graduated from the same college – Columbia Law. They were very much alike, these two young men. 

Both had been Magna Cum Laude, both were on the lightweight rowing team, both were down-to-earth and both – as young college graduates often are – were filled with ambitious dreams to be future successful practicing law attorneys. 

Recently, these two men returned to Columbia for their 25th reunion anniversary. 

They were still very much alike, these two. 

BOTH were happily married. Both had two children. And both, as it turns out, went their separate ways for two different law firms on the opposite side of Manhattan – one in Upper East Side, and the other in Upper West. 

But there was a stark difference.  

One of the men was fighting tooth and nail in the junior law division swimming up to his eyeballs in student loan debt. The other was a partner at a prestigious firm earning just shy of 7-figures a year for his *special contributions* to the its success. 

— What Made The Difference —

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Have you ever wondered, as I have, what makes this kind of difference in people’s lives?  

It isn’t always a high I.Q, skills or “hard work”. It isn’t that one attorney wants success more than the other. 

The difference is largely due to one’s ability to produce a *steady stream of quality leads* that can make or break a divorce, DUI/DWI, Eviction, Disability, or Bankruptcy attorneys career in the blink of an eye. 

The success and failure of one over the other lies in a SINGLE decision an attorney makes to source a steady flow of clients banging down his doorstep, or ignoring his firm like the plague. 

Which attorney would YOU rather be? 


…or “invisible”? 

Your answer to these questions determines the fate of your practice. That’s why I’m writing to you and to people like you about my lead marketing firm – Ippei Leads, LLC. For that is the whole purpose of our business: To give its clients leads – leads that they can use in business. 

An Attorney Lawyer Internet Marketing Lead Generating Factory Unlike Any Other

You see, Ippei Leads, LLC., is a unique advertising business. With clients located throughout the nation including Miami, FL, each business day, we work tirelessly behind-the-scenes to consistently generate bankable results for our clients. 

It’s not as simple as pushing a button and watching the leads come ‘rollin’ in’, though for you, it IS, because you’re leverage my teams blood, sweat and tears to produce results that – to YOU – is *effortless* and *easy*. 

But we wouldn’t do it if we didn’t love it. There’s something special about taking a struggling attorney and/or practice and helping him or her fulfill their dream and become financially prosperous in the process doing what they love to do. 

A Real Life Story of an Attorney’s Dream

For most attorneys, all those years grinding just to make it OUT of university and pass the bar exam often goes in vain. Sadly, where they began their dreams 25 years ago they leave buried with them alongside their wooden coffin.   

In a New York Times piece released on April 26th, 2015 titled, “Burdened With Debt, Law School Graduates Struggle In Job Market”, the highlight of the article is a gentleman by the name of Jonathan Wong who, himself, graduated from Columbia Law School in 2010. 

He envisioned himself one day becoming a partner and living the good life earning $160,000 a year.  

So where is he now? 

Working in Manhattan as a tutor for the law school admissions exam.  

An honorable position, for sure, but hardly anything worth bragging about considering he had his sights set on more ambitious goals putting his work in college to the ultimate test making the most out of his prestigious degree. 

You could say, for all intents and purposes, he IS the real-life example of the young whipper snapper in our story with a lot of promise who “fell through the cracks” accepting his fate as a test-prep tutor to help pay the rent and keep the lights on while pursuing his dream as a future partner making the “big bucks”. 

There were other people featured in the story but the MAJORITY avoided being interviewed for “fear” of the social consequences of working as a manager at a fast food place or somehow ending up in a ‘last ditch effort’ job totally unrelated to their initial career path of choice.  

On the flip side you have G. Troy Pickett who made different decisions from Anthony. 

Instead of relying on a job market that was quickly dwindling and becoming ever scarcer, he took matters into his own hands and opting to set up his own practice along with a partner. While the rest of his classmates were competing for scrape opportunities on the table with no promise of a future, he rolled up his sleeves, passed the bar, founded a law firm SAME DAY, and most importantly he discovered… 

How To Get A STEADY Flow of High Quality LEADS Knocking On Your Doorstep DAILY. 

Periodically, Ippei Leads, LLC., gives you a written and verbal report on the progress of the work we do on your behalf. We give you numbers, figures and only the most important data you need to know to help you make wiser decisions in your practice.  

Ippei Leads, LLC., gives you all the leads you can possibly bear – when you need it most. 


More Clients = More Power

The Effectiveness of Our Small Legal Law Firm Internet Online Website Marketing and Advertising Campaigns

Right now, I’m most likely talking to one of your local competitors. If he or she decides to take us up on our generous *trial offer* and proceeds to work with us long-term following guaranteed results, competing with our client will be like trying to swim up a waterfall.  

We make it a company policy NOT to over-extend our staff and overflood the market with our client attorney’s competitors. It’s a conflict of interest. We’d much rather it be ‘you’ we generate a ton of leads for over your competitor, but if he/she wants it more than you — like the successful lawyer in our fictionalized story above — than more he shall get. 

If you haven’t tried our services yet, you cannot imagine how useful it can be to you because much of what we offer is offered nowhere else.  

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And Here’s Our Certified Guaranteed 

Should Ippei Leads, LLC., fail to measure up to your standards, you are free to terminate this trial agreement at any point – no questions asked. 

If you believe as we do that this is a fair and reasonable offer, then you will want to discover without delay if Ippei Leads, LLC., can do for YOU what it’s doing for dozens of other successful attorneys on the winning team. So please, if you haven’t done so, give us a ring today.  

By the way… 

…about those two law graduate classmates I mentioned at the start of this letter. They graduated from the same college and were presented with the same opportunities. So what made their lives in law practice different? 

Leads. Quality leads. And it’s application.  

Law Office Marketing and Exclusive Attorney Leads “Made Easy”

I, Ippei, cannot promise you that success will be instantly yours if you start using our lead service. Besides, if you do nothing WITH them, the balls out of our court. We’re counting on you to be the lawyer we know you’re capable of becoming and doing it better than anyone else. A bad attorney can ruin a good lead. 

But I can guarantee that you will find our services highly useful, consistent, and always reliable. 

Sincerely Yours, 

Ippei (CEO and Owner of Ippei Leads, LLC.)