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Are you tired of dealing with second-hand marketing firms blowing through your ad spend, wasting your marketing dollars, and charging you an arm and a leg for less than sub-par service?  

Or maybe you have more time on your hands than you do clients and the number of leads you’re generating to pay your salary, let alone keep the doors open to your practice, just isn’t cutting it. 

Regardless if you’re green behind the ears when it comes to marketing or you’ve been around the block working with “hacks” one to many times, at Ippei Leads, LLC., we consistently deliver for our DUI/DWI lawyer and attorney client’s quality leads. In fact, we have one legal firm based in Miami, Florida that does just that generating millions of thousands of dollars on behalf of our clientèle.  

When you’re getting these kinds of results DAILY on a routine basis, it’s fair to say we get ZERO complaints – except for maybe the handful who remind us to *slow down a bit while THEY catch up on their increased workload*.  

They find it quite hilarious as their laughing all the way to the bank leaving “clueless” competitors behind in the dust. 

Why Purchase High End Criminal Defense Law Firm Marketing, Advertising and Legal Driving Under the Influence and Driving While Intoxicated Leads? 

You should work with us for three reasons: 

1) You’re tired of *just BARELY scraping by*, FIGHTING to earn the business of a client who *knows* he or she has *options*. They threaten to go elsewhere if you refuse to play ball because they sense desperation in your voice and, like sharks smelling blood in the water, will proceed to ‘talk you down on your fees until your basically working pro-bono’. 

2) Your TIRED of haggling with “price shoppers” looking for fast food deals for 5-star restaurant services. They’re legitimate paying clients, but are they REALLY worth fighting for? 

3) You’re TIRED of dealing with low level ‘time-wasters’ who are clearly going to lose the case with or without your services and are often to ‘broke’ to pay you a dime for your services – ever.  

If THAT’S not enough reason to consider our services, we don’t know what is. 

The Secret To Affordable, Reliable and Dependable High Quality DUI/DWI Attorney Leads EVERY Drunk Driving Lawyer Needs To Know That’ll Generate 6-Figure Annual Paydays 

We’re going to ‘pull back the curtains’ and let you in on a little secret top DUI and DWI lawyers rely on to get the kind of business most envy.  

If you were to ask a successful lawyer, “What is it that you DO to stay in business for so long and seemingly attract new clients like bees to honey?”  

After giving you the ‘run around’ about being “persistent”, “think positively” and repeating clichés like, “It’s not WHAT you know, it’s WHO you know” you may walk away from that conversation feeling empty handed, that is – of course – if you can manage to get them to “spill the beans” and give you the secret sauce behind their successful law practice over happy hour at the local watering hole. 

But why go through all that hassle when you can get the secret to having a thriving law practice straight from the horse’s mouth? 

The lead generation business that PROVIDES the majority of all their past and future clienteles – US. 

Besides, it’s professional marketing firms like our own specializing in assisting DUI attorneys that are making your counterparts famously rich.  

For obvious reasons, we can’t divulge EVERY secret up our sleeve for the same reason your competitors refuse to tell you we are responsible for much of their success behind the scenes. And would YOU if you were in their shoes? 

We’ve spent many days and nights perfecting our system to benefit DWI attorneys like yourself. If we gave away the farm we’d be doing our current clients a major disservice. 


…we’ll give you one BIG secret that’s bound to shed more light on the REALITY our clients currently experience. 

And The Secret Is THIS… 

MOST lead generation companies for criminal defense lawyers will say to you, “When a potential client makes a decision to hire a DUI lawyer, he/she will first visit Google and type in something like ‘Michigan DUI DWI lawyer’” Using our lingo this is called a “commercial keyword”. To draw a potential client’s attention, you need to rank in the first 2 – 3 pages for this main commercial keyword in your city/regional/local practice area.  

Fair enough, right? 

Sure. But, this paints an incomplete picture of REALITY. 

Your next client looks for a DUI attorney AFTER making a decision to get one. However, BEFORE making that decision they Google *answers* to their legal problems using non-commercial terms and statements like “false drunk driving accusations”,  “facing drug charges for routine traffic stop for broke tail light”, “criminal defense lawyer attorney near me”, “top criminal defense dui attorneys”, “DUI defence lawyes”, “DUI attorney cost”, “local duit attorney”, “criminal defense atty” or “drink driving lawyers” 

Here’s the key: 

While MOST DUI/DWI attorney law firm offices target commercial keywords, very FEW rank for those longer keywords that separates you from our competition.  

You see, the goal is not to target the obvious – although we DO target commercial keywords – it’s just not “priority” because our clients get results following a unique way.  

In ther words, we zig while they zag. 

Our Criminal Law Firm SEO Attorney Lead Generation, Advertising and Marketing Company Do ALL The Heavy Lifting So YOU Don’t Have To 

The staff at Ippei Leads, LLC. has done all of the real-world testing and tracking to produce the best results in the least amount of time.  

Because we already have DUI/DWI attorney lawyers as clients, you benefit directly from our experience which, by the way, would cost you an arm and a leg to do on your own. 

Finding the winning formula isn’t as simple as 1-2-3. There’s dozens of failed campaigns and a ridiculous amount of trial and error before finding the sweet spot that produces the kinds of results that make our clients *very, VERY happy*. 

We’ve tested all the keywords and landing pages (websites designed to capture a potential client’s information for future contact) to learn what converts best and what doesn’t so you don’t have to. 

You Now Have Only *TWO* Options 

  1. A) Take the little information we gave you and go off in to the wild wild west and explore uncharted territory on your own.  

This is a ‘hit or miss’ approach. You MAY come out on top a winner saving a few bucks and connecting all the dots yourself, and if you’re able to do what we do “in addition to” your responsibilities as an attorney, we tip our hats off to you. We certainly couldn’t do OUR job and YOUR job simultaneously. You’re the real MVPA (most valuable player ‘attorney’) 

But, if you’re like MOST successful attorneys who’d rather spend their time doing LESS of what they DON’T want to do, and MORE of what they DO want to do, there’s… 

…Option “B” 

  1. B) Hire US – Ippei Leads, LLC. — for an initial trial run. See that we get you results. For a small initial investment in our services will deliver quality leadsstraightto your doorstep. They are worth their weight in billable hours.  

We recommend a trial period for all our clients so you feel confident in our services without prematurely locking yourself into an undesirable contract and a big financial commitment.  

We want to PROVE our worth by bringing you REAL cases. If you’re happy with the results, as the majority of our clients usually are, you’re free to consider extended services beyond the rrial period.  

This makes our service to you *RISK-FREE, NO OBLIGATION*. 

Our DUI lawyer clients see results quickly – sometimes within *days*. We’re confident you’ll be impressed with the results we produce on your behalf. 

Let’s Work Together To Improve Your Case Load 

As you can imagine, DUI/DWI leads are in themselves a practice of their own and it’s in HIGH DEMAND across the country.  

We can certainly help you “break the barrier of entry once-and-for-all”, but If you fail to call us now at 248-891-9460 your fierce competitors certainly won’t hesitate to do so.  

In fact, we’ve had to turn AWAY competing lawyers practicing in the same area when one firm called and contracted our services FIRST before the other – sometimes only days apart. The ones who lost out are usually the ones who SAW us first, did nothing, sat on it for a while BEFORE pulling the trigger. But, by then, it was *too late*.  

It’s a bitter pill to swallow. That’s why we suggest you be FIRST in your area because if YOU’RE reading this right now, we guarantee your fellow attorneys are reading the same at this very moment.  

Ippei (owner of Ippei Leads, LLC.) will thoroughly evaluate your situation, review your specific needs and how many leads you’d require to achieve the income goals you desire, write up a detailed action plan and get started ‘right away’. We cater to both unbundled and full-representation legal services by request. 

The owner of Ippei Leads, LLC., is an expert marketer with vast experience in some of the most competitive industries. We acquire MORE leads for LESS than our competition that are HIGHER QUALITY than anywhere else. 

Call us NOW for your FREE “NO-OBLIGATION” CONSULTATION: – 248-891-9460