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Attorney Joe is a composite of the typical bankruptcy attorneys we typically encounter on a day-to-day basis. As the old saying goes, “There’s nothing new under the sun”. This is his story: 

Attorney Joe did everything his prestigious law school told him to do to secure new clients from old-school methods like door-to-door mailing campaigns, good ol’ fashion yellow book-style cold calling, and expensive billboard, t.v. and print ads, to ranking on the first page of Google for common ‘obvious’ commercial keywords like “Attorney in L.A.” or “find good lawyer”. 

Despite all of his blood, sweat and tears POURED into these various campaigns, he’d always come up ‘just shy’ of securing a client only to lose out to other attorneys who took a slightly ‘different approach and charged MORE for their services.  

It’s enough to leave bitter taste in the mouth of any struggling attorney. Joe is not much different. Although he graduated magna cum laude of his class, ranked in the top 3% of bar exams, has plenty of court experience and is respected HIGHLY amongst his colleagues, he’s left sitting alone in his office, staring at a lifeless phone with his head in his hands wandering how he’s going to pay his bills to support his wife and mother of his 6-month baby son. 

Just as his situation was starting to look bleaker by the week, Attorney Joe finally caved under the pressure to hire a marketing firm that had been bugging him for his business for weeks. Quite ironic, considering he himself was doing much of the same with the few leads he did manage to scrape together leading to dead ends.  

Nonetheless, he gave them a call one morning; let’s just call them “Leach Marketing” (not their real name, but more fitting), because soon after he signed a binding contract that put him on the hook for thousands of dollars’ worth of ‘unproven services’; turning themselves into the cold-blooded “leaches” they were disguising themselves to be.  

As far as “Leach Marketing” is concerned, they could care less about the well-being of him, his wife or his child. They cared more about sucking his bank account dry and leaving him near penniless waiting for food at a soup kitchen line. 

But Attorney Joe’s not yet aware of this sinister plan because leaches are bloodsucking parasites who operate on getting what they want without their unwilling host being made aware.  

Sadly, this is a common reality of MANY bankruptcy attorneys we’re working with today. 

They Promised Attorney Joe A FLOOD of New Business and Clientele That’ll Set Him Up For Life

Before signing with “Leach Marketing”, everything they told Attorney Joe Esq. seemed to make sense. “Well get you on the first page of Google and the dough will come rolling in” they told him. 

Can you guess what happens next? 

Attorney Joe had his website redesigned and he was beginning to be ranked at the top of search engine results. A few months pass and his firm is being swamped with traffic. 

The traffic he’s getting, however, is mostly a combination of “freebie advice seekers”, “tire-kickers”, and other SEO marketing firms who solicited his business. In other words, “JUNK”! 

Months later, things are getting worse before it gets better – and Attorney Joe promised himself he would never trust another marketing company again. (can you relate?) 

It was around this time he came across this website and read an article similar to the one you’re reading now. He couldn’t recall how he came across us, only that he did. Still weary of his last experience with another law advertising agency, he decided to take advantage of our complimentary strategy session where he learned about our unique methods that not only ATTRACT paying clients, but helps you keep them. 

Our staff provided him actionable content to use right away to start getting results and within days he decided to go forward with our no-contract risk-free obligation trial to receive a steady flow of leads daily. 

He took a chance. He had nothing left to loss. He won. Big time. Within 12 months he added an extra $100,000 revenue to his firm along with his base salary of $40,000/yearly.  

The only thing Joe regretted is not having hired us sooner.  

Why Hire Ippei Leads, LLC. As Your Best Law Firm SEO Company Marketing For Bankruptcy Attorneys and Lawyers?

We don’t just *give* you leads, we SCREEN your leads so YOU don’t waste your precious billable hours filtering them yourself. 

We do this by allowing potential clients to rate THEIR level of interest in PAID services. If free information is what they’re after, free information is what they’ll get – somewhere else. This one change alone screens out a LOT of ‘undesirables’ from squandering your valuable time. 

Unfortunately, when it comes to bankruptcy leads, as you can imagine, most can’t afford the services of a bankruptcy lawyer if their filling for general bankruptcy, chapter 7, chapter 11 or chapter 13. The pickings are few and slim. However, OUR pickings are the creme de la crème’ and are given EXCLUSILVEY to our bankruptcy attorney clients. 

Sometimes a client isn’t always “sure” which chapter they should file for bankruptcy under. For example, a popular option is Chapter 11, but may not necessarily apply to a potential client. Your job will be to help them first recognize if any bankruptcy option is best for them to exercise, secondly, to help to choose the best bankruptcy option (general, chapter 7, chapter 11, and chapter 13). 

We send leads of people looking to hire a local bankruptcy lawyer and to help them with their debt settlement options and cease wage garnishment.  

With over 1 million+ U.S.A citizens filing a bankruptcy claim every year, a majority of them start the process with a simple Google search on the internet. Top quality bankruptcy leads are out there for the taking, but only Ippei Leads, LLC. can help you navigate the rocky terrain and bring you the best of the best available. 

A steady stream of clients is CRITICAL to expanding your law business. We offer the best bankruptcy case leads to ‘level the playing field’, give you a significant edge above your competitors, and ‘bridge the gap’ between your firm and those seeking legal representation on bankruptcy filings.  

Now is the time to reduce the amount of time, effort, energy and advertising dollars wasted on ineffective offline and online marketing methods and allow Ippei Leads, LLC., to deliver the best bankruptcy leads on your behalf. 

8 Reasons WHY Ippei Leads LLC., Is Your Local Areas BEST Bankruptcy Lead Provider and Supplier

Real Time Leads – When we get em’, you recieve em’. No questions asked. 

Highest Quality Leads – We vet, sort and process every lead that comes our way so YOU don’t have to because we value your time. 

Credit for Bad Leads – Got a few bad ones? Don’t worry. Sometimes a few slips through the cracks. We will reimburse you with ‘credit’ to replace that lead so you are never bearing the burden of an unqualified prospect. 

Exclusive Leads – What leads are yours are yours alone. You get ‘first look’. 

No Contracts – Hate contracts? Us, too. That’s why we offer trial periods of our services so you can sample the best we have to offer without a huge time or financial commitment. 

Convenient Payment – We accept all forms of major payments such as credit, debit, wires, and more. 

Local & National Leads – If you have more one office in different cities, we can arrange to accommodate each branch according to your specifications. 

Genuine Leads Seeking Genuine Legal Help – Our leads are ACTIVELY seeking for and willing to PAY for legal counsel. That’s the big difference between us and other lawyer marketing companies. We sort the wheat from the chaff and give you the best the industry has to offer to make sealing the deal, signing a retainer and colleting your fees ‘easy as pie’. 

Here’s How Our Legal Bankruptcy Attorney and Lawyer Lead Generating Service Works In A Nutshell

STEP #1: Engage Potential Clients 

Using a variety of marketing channels such as search engine marketing, PPC (Pay Per Click) marketing, social media marketing (facebook, instagram, Indeed, etc.) display ads and the such, we proactively engage YOUR potential clients looking for information on bankruptcy assistance. 

STEP #2: Turn Prospects Into Real Leads 

Next, we FILTER, REMOVE, and DISCARD any unqualified leads that already have attorneys (to prevent a pissing match), are duplicates and that fail to meet your standards and ours. 

STEP #3: Turn Over *EXCLUSIVE* Leads To You 

Once a lead as successfully passed all of our criteria to qualify for your time, we distribute the leads directly to you via email in real-time. 

Let’s Work TOGETHER To BOOST Your Case Load, Generate MORE Leads and Produce MORE Revenues Today!

Our goal is to make business 10x easier for you. Your time should be spent working and solving cases you’re paid professionally to do – not finding them.  

Imagine if Lebron James had to *personally* sell seat tickets to a Cleveland Cavaliers game *in addition to* preparing for the game. He wouldn’t be the player he is today. You can’t be everywhere at all times. It’s not feasible nor possible.  

Let Ippei Leads, LLC., keep your pipeline full of red, hot PREMIUM bankruptcy leads and clients in the geography(s) of your choice and practice area you specify so case load problems are forever a thing of the past. 

Call us now for your consultation at 248-891-9460. We’ll know within minutes of our conversation if we are a good fit for each other.