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Do you want fresh, high-quality discrimination leads for your law firm practice? 

Do you want more people looking online to find YOUR specific practice to solve THEIR specific problems? 

Do you want MORE clients for your legal services, but unsure how to do it without falling flat on your face? 

No worries. We got you covered. At Ippei Leads, LLC., we’ve worked with major law firms in Miami, Florida with access to millions in advertising dollars and have years of experience in the field generating local leads for a variety of attorneys including other unrelated small business companies. 

We a PERFORMANCE DRIVEN, PROVEN, and COST EFFECTIVE in finding and DELIVERING CUSTOMERS right to your front door.  

We produce a steady stream of quality leads immediately with no delay thanks to our PPC, social media and SEO marketing campaigns using white hat techniques (jargon for “legal and ethical”) to grow your firms’ revenue to unseen heights. 

The Benefits of Our Law Firm Discrimination Lead Generation Company Assistance 

Leveraging the power of extensive PPC (Pay-Per-Click), social media and SEO marketing campaigns, you can take advantage of good, solid prospects ACTIVELY looking to hire your legal services as soon as today.  

We laser target our efforts to produce results for all of our attorney clients, providing you with a higher return on our investment while acquiring new clients for a low, affordable cost with virtually zero effort on your part. This frees up your time to do what you do best – being an attorney – while we handle the logistics and all the work behind-the-scenes that makes us the best SEO legal law advertising agency online. 

With our proven ad writing strategies, lead page templates and extensive experience that work for a variety of local businesses (see our testimonials section), you are sure to get tighter conversions that’ll greatly improve your bottom line.  

You can reap the benefits of our lead generation campaign at YOUR pace because you decide how many leads you want to acquire monthly and how many cases you wish to try. If you wish to increase your advertising budget a bit this month, it’s easy to do so.  

Because we don’t deal with contracts when working with us, you’re free to cancel or adjust your budget according to your needs any time.  

We believe traditional SEO efforts are still a valid form of advertising, but the problem with that is results are usually “hit n’ miss”. One month you’ll have enough cases to last a month or two, the following month you’re bone dry on leads and are fighting tooth and nail with other attorneys for the same scrapes left on the table. Plus, a website presence is better for BRAND BUILDING and being more recognizable to your target audience than it is in attracting steady leads. 

Fact is, most people won’t KNOW who you ARE. All they’ll know is, “I’m being DENIED my disability payments. How can I get it?”. They’re not thinking of you when they’re in this pickle, but they ARE hoping someone LIKE you come along to alleviate it and get them the payments they rightfully deserve.  

That’s why our lead generation service puts you in front of people who NEED your service, not just LOOKING for one. That’s the biggest benefit of working with our lawyer lead department. 

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Are Your Legal Leads Exclusive? 

We do not share or resell leads you purchase from us to multiple firms or buyers. All leads are sold ONCE. We check new leads against old leads. Any that are matching in name, email, phone number, etc. are scrubbed as ‘duplicates’ and ineligible for resale or distribution. 

However, we do NOT segregate territories, meaning there are enough quality leads for multiple firms so it’s unnecessary to monopolize a local or regional market to a single firm. Your leads will be different from another’s in the same area allowing both practices to thrive equally without stepping on the others toes. 

Most lead providers are not as kind selling one lead to multiple firms. The first attorney to beat the other to the punch gets the case, footing the others with a spent lead on the bill. These companies as a by-product earn more per lead in profit than we do while burning through multiple attorneys to boost their own bottom-line. It’s a win-lose situation. We believe that’s unethical and strive to do right by you and other discrimination attorney clients. 

What Type of Legal Leads Do You Offer? 

Our leads comprise of prospects seeking legal counsel and can be purchased by any licensed attorney or any sized firm. Most of our clients are solo practitioners. A few, like our client in Miami, Florida, are larger firms we provide leads for.  

You can target a single area of law – i.e. Discrimination Law – or any number of niches and sub-niches of your choice.  

Do You Filter For Quality Control? 

Yes. While our competitors are known for sending ‘tire-kickers’ and ‘freebie advice seekers’, the quality of a lead is determined by how soon a lead becomes a client of yours.  

We sort and sift through every lead and alter our own marketing campaigns to ensure you’re getting the cream of the crop.  

How Do You Generate Your Legal Leads? 

A combination of ways. We do most of our own internal campaigns via Pay Per Click, SEO and social media marketing along with exclusive partnerships with some of the largest networks in the country. This allows us to guarantee quality from start to finish.  

How Do We Pay For Leads? 

We accept most major forms of payments such as credit and debit cards, wire and ACH bank transfers and more.  

Please contact us at 248-891-9460 for more information regarding payment methods that work best for you. 

Is It ETHICAL To Purchase Legal Leads for Attorneys? 

Online lead generation has existed nearly as long as the internet has been born. 

There were many ‘ups and downs’ along the way most companies faced BEFORE our time that led to the sophisticated and streamlined approach we have now where there are rules and regulations we follow in your state to stay above board. 

We operate ethically and comply with state laws concerning attorney advertisements. For example, we are NOT a referral service nor do we promote ‘any one’ particular attorney staying in compliance with ABA Model Rule 71. In no way are we to be payed based on collection of client fees. We operate on a ‘fixed-rate fee’ system. 

How Do I Take Delivery of Leads? 

Typically, via email with a copy upon request sent via text since we know you’re working cases and may be away from your office. If there are any other methods of delivery you suggest that’s best for you, we’re open to discussing those options in a matter most convenient. 

How Long Will It Take To Receive Legal Leads? 

Within days, sometimes in less than 24 hours, depending on how fast we can include you in our rotation of existing campaigns.  

We know you’re interested in SSDI legal leads. The only thing we need to know is your geography and payment funding.  

Please allow up to a week initially for traction and lead flow to actually begin. 

Can I Be Accredited For Bad Leads? 

Yes. To request a replacement, notify us via email or phone within 3 days and allow us time to verify the lead along with the reason for the lead being bad. Our verification team will double confirm the reasons you state on all requests and determine accordingly. 

Am I Allowed To Choose A Specific Area of Law? 


In fact, this feature is what sets us apart.  

As a discrimination and SSDI attorney you can choose to focus your energies on such cases in this area where you specialize. You’ll never have to worry about the well running dry because we’re always filling up with specialty, niche legal leads in your area. 

Keep in mind, the more general areas of law you can handle and choose to work, the more leads you’ll be able to receive because of the greater number of people you’ll have access to in our system. 

Let’s Work TOGETHER To GROW Your Case Load with our Legal Discrimination Pay Per Click and SEO Lead Generating Services 

It’s time you leave your marketing worries to the pro’s. We know the in’s and out’s of this industry like the back of our hand, and specialize in guiding potential clients to be legally represented by your firm.  

We believe your focus should be on fostering, growing and engaging in your practice, without stressing over all the moving pieces of what WE do best – advertising and marketing.  

Our goal for you is to connect you with more legal leads, and watch as your practice thrives in abundance. We believe it’s also our moral obligation to provide communities with the best legal representation with their best interest at heart through our unique services. 

Call us NOW for your FREE “NO-OBLIGATION” CONSULTATION: – 248-891-946

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