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Think back on your advertising efforts over the last year. Was there anything you dabbled in that didn’t live up to your expectations? Is it possible you didn’t put enough *PUSH* behind it to give it a running start? In all fairness, did you give it enough time to work its magic before pulling the plug and looking elsewhere? Or… 

Did you hire a law firm marketing agency, paid out the rear-end for quality but instead got quality ‘dung’ for leads? 

Truth is, acquiring new leads is challenging for any business. Law firms are no different, but that doesn’t mean yours have to suffer.  

Ippei Leads, LLC., having serviced leads for a major client in Miami, Florida with a million-dollar budget and with many other small to mid-sized firms elsewhere, understands legal consumers better than anyone else. All you need to do is say the word, “GO!” And our team will begin working tirelessly on your behalf to generate exclusive disability attorney leads.  

We do the all the heavy lifting including Pay Per Click advertising, social media advertising, SEO marketing and more with target campaigns attracting relevant legal clients and connect them directly to you and your firm. You’ll finally be set free to focus on doing what you do best – winning disability cases on behalf of all the new clientele we’ll be helping you generate in your business. 

SSDI Lead Generation Filtering System for Attorneys *EXPLAINED* 

There’s no point targeting every person who thinks they *deserve* legal counsel when you know beforehand they’ve lost the case before it has begun.  

For example, if they’re under 49, we disqualify them. If they are already receiving benefits, we disqualify them. If they already have an attorney or representative, we disqualify them. If they are not currently seeing medial advice about their disability, it’s “heresy” and we disqualify them.  

In other words, out of all the leads we generate for this niche, we filter out over HALF of them as unqualified leads. These saves YOU time spent on the phone disqualifying them all yourself. Granted, some prospects may not share all the details we need to know upfront, but generally speaking, we aim to do most of the filtering on your behalf so you don’t have to. 

Here’s How Our Internet Online Marketing Disability Law Firm Works In A Nutshell 

Imagine John. He’s at home right now recovering from a botched hospital routine procedure that required surgery on his right eye that ultimately ended up blinding him in both eyes.  

He’s understanding of the situation. Besides, the Doctor so happens to be a friend of friend in the family. He goes online to look for legal advice on how ot deal with his insurance company, realizes he isn’t covered and notices one of our ads that says he may be entitled LEGALLY to fair compensation. 

He makes a few rounds and gets the run around from the hospital that served him. He thought they were in the business of making things right, but they’re only interested in lining their pockets. He takes action, clicks on your ad, enters all of his details involving his situation and waits for us to send him to you to decide if the two of you would be a good fit to work with. 

You close the deal, gain more confidence, close even more deals, and pretty soon you’ve taken up a monopoly in the entire local area and the only disability attorney people know and remember by name is YOURS alone. 

Did You Know… 

the best leads are the ones that were advertised to “several times” consistently over a long period of time.  

When you think of Sam Bernstein, Jeffery Fieger or the infamous “Johnny Cochran’, you KNOW who they are on a first name basis because they understood the principles of marketing, branding and publicity. 

Granted, you don’t need to be as well-known as these guys to draw profitable, high-profile cases. In fact, being too recognized could actually work against you. Besides, you may not have the marketing acumen (or dollars) to compete on that level. 

Your next best option is to consider buying bulk discrimination case leads where we – Ippei Leads, LLC. — do the bulk of the work involved in finding, capturing, screening, qualifying and delivering fresh leads monthly. 

Here’s What Separates Our Disability Lawyer SEO Advertising Services From Competition 

Dedicated Customer Support – Our support staff are dedicated to clients and monitor attorney leads while providing valuable feedback, suggestions and guidance to help you get more out of our services. 

Superior Lead Sourcing – Every lead you receive goes through a screening process on our end where they all go THROUGH us FIRST before you make a single phone call. 

Consumer Knowledge and Understanding – We know what MOTIVATES, DRIVES and INSPIRES a potential lead to want to do business with you. No one knows this audience better than Ippei Leads, LLC. We know HWERE they are, WHAT they’re searching for and WHEN they’re ready to go on retainer for YOU. 

Strict Quality Standards – Unlike traditional mailing list houses, we have a strict process of ensuring the leads you receive have the HIGHEST chance of turning into paying clients. 

3 Reasons WHY You Need Our Legal Disability Attorney Pay Per Click Lead Generation Services For Your Law Practice…YESTERDAY! 

REASON #1: Consistent Business Flow – As lucrative as the law market CAN be, it can be VERY inconsistent and unforgiving if it is. For example, there are “slumps” in the market where the demand for disability lawyers drop because supply is too high. Then there are years where the demand is high but the quality of leads are “low” (cherry pickers, tire kickers, low-ballers, time wasters, etc.). 

Our CONSISTENT lead generation system puts you one step AHEAD of your competition by keeping you focused on trying lucrative disability cases instead of having to chase down the next client more elusive than Big Foot.  

Consistency in law practice SECURES your position as a legal authority to help you ride through the peaks and valleys of an uncertain legal market.  

REASON #2: Advertising ‘Discretion’ – With the right approach you could turn your website into a client magnet, but perhaps you want to play the field a little closer to home where you’re not exposing your case selection preferences and would rather do so discreetly. 

Our lead generation service delivers disability case leads ‘silently’ and ‘discreetly’ to keep your options open and build a broader brand otherwise unobtainable as a niche attorney. 

Perhaps you wish to keep your options open, or maybe you have other attorneys on board who specialize in disability cases, for example.  

REASON #3: Build GREATER Credibility Through Narrow Focus – They say there’s more than one way to skin a cat. We disagree. If you skin a cat one way and it’s working, why fix what’s not broken? 

Being a ‘Jack of all trades, and master of none’ is a common problem among practicing attorneys. When someone has a specific problem, such as being disabled on the job due to injury, he or she wants to know if you are particularly great at working those kinds of cases to bring the maximum results.  

Our lead generation services ensure the bulk of your clientele have issues related to disability cases. As you become well-known for handling these types of cases, you become sought after MORE.  

Who makes more? A General doctor? Or a plastic surgeon? A baseball slugger, or all-around team player?  

On the surface it appears you’re “limiting” your options. And that’s the point. Making a name for yourself in disability law sets you apart from every lawyer who wants to be everything to every client.   

Here’s What Doing Business With Our SEO and PPC Disability Attorney Case Lead Agency Will Be Like For You 

Odds are you’ve tried various law firm lead-generating organizations like our own, most of which you’ve experienced varying success. You’re hesitant to work with Ippei Leads, LLC., or any other marketing agency for that matter because many are known to be BIG talkers, SLOW walkers.  

We have an honest discussion by phone about what we do, how we do it, and when. No sugar coating reality here. Just the facts. Soon after, like all of our disability lawyer and attorney clients before you, you give us the most valuable currency possible – TRUST. 

After considering the price of our service, which is amongst the lowest in our industry in relation to lead value, you give us a ‘shot’. You swing a few bats, knock out a few home runs and realize the sourcing Ippei Leads, LLC., employs produces extremely good leads. Our screening process is largely responsible for this. You retain nearly 80% of the leads we send and are thrilled to continue doing business with us for the foreseeable future. 


We offer trial runs of our services for a very small investment so you’re able to see for yourself that we’re the real deal McCoy. We WANT you to get real, reliable results without forcing you into a contract and burden of a big financial commitment long-term. 

By taking our trial run you’ll be able to see what we’re capable of doing for you and when you’re happy with the results (and you will be), we can roll up our sleeves, get down to business, scale up and put our staff to work for you. 

Forget ‘waiting months’ for results. Get them as soon as YESTERDAY! There’s no obligation to continue after the trial period if you’re not extremely impressed with what we do. 

We’ve Done ALL The Heavy Lifting To Generate Leads For Lawyers Like YOU So YOU Never Have To 

Marketing involves a TON of testing, tracking, and ad spend. We’ve done all the real-life testing to know what lead generating strategies work best for disability lawyers because we already have law clients.  

This benefits you because you’re able to tap into our vast knowledge base and experience without any of the risk typically associated with doing it on your own.  

We’ve spent THOUSANDS of dollars in paid advertising testing many keyword and landing page variations. We did it so YOU never have to. You can leverage our success from day 1.  

Our service at its core is simple. You pay a small fee to save you time and money for the highest quality disability case leads in the industry today using our expertise. 

Let’s BUILD Your Case Load, Generate More Revenue and Grow Your Practice Today

We plan every step of the marketing process along the way to provide you with a customized ‘bespoke’ approach from strategy framing, execution in the right direction, monitoring the results, analyzing the impact, making necessary modifications and everything in-between. We keep you in the loop so you know what we’re doing with your hard-earned dollars every time. 

As mentioned earlier, we don’t believe in locking people down into excessively long contractual agreements. We want you to have the freedom of choice to choose our services because it’s in YOUR best interest, not ours. This is a level of flexibility you will rarely find elsewhere because we know that when you get RESULTS you’ll remain a loyal client for life.  

Don’t let this opportunity slip by you. Just as quickly as its offered it can be just as quickly taken away when we’ve maxed out our capacity limit and the number of disability attorneys we can serve.  

We don’t give our most precious leads to ANY attorney who wants them. We screen our clients, too, to make sure they are a good fit for us and what we represent in our offices.  

Integrity and character goes a long way in this business and if we have these high standards of ourselves, we expect the attorneys we work with to have the same values we do and practice.  

Remember, we’re here to serve you and make doing your job that much easier than before. We EASE the burden of haggling on price, dealing with tire kickers, freebie information seekers, and all the scavengers in-between who can’t afford your services but can afford to waste your time. We eliminate those leads out of your way and make room for those who are ready to go on retainer, put down a down payment and play ‘ball’.  

Make your BEST years in practice the most profitable years. Pick up a phone and call us NOW for your FREE “NO-OBLIGATION” CONSULTATION: – 248-891-9460 and one of our associates will be on stand-by to walk you through the interview process.  

We look forward to having you on the winning team and helping you achieve the success we all know you rightfully deserve.