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If you can relate to any of the two statements below, our eviction attorney lead generation services may be the most important asset to your practice in a long time: 

 — #1 —  

You’re concerned about AVVO and other related directories that indiscriminately train potential clients to “price shop” you against your competition like orange at a fruit market.  

This puts both you AND other attorneys against each other chasing a piece of mouse cheese. No one likes this situation, and perhaps this is the category you fall in. 

— #2 — 

With so many “green behind the ear” attorneys flooding the market with each graduating class chasing a new case or job because ‘even grandpa could pass the bar exam with his eyes closed’, they’re undercutting your fees to the bare minimum so neither you NOR them can barely live off borderline minimum wage hours.  

They’re not only willing to cut your throat to get ahead, they’re cutting their own, too, because they’re pricing themselves so far below true market value. It’s like crabs in a barrel. When you’re near the top, the other doesn’t want you to make it, so they’ll pull you down along with them not realizing that they need someone AT the top (you) for them to be pulled up (hiring juvenile attorneys to help them gain experience, make partner one day or go on to start their own practice). 

It’s a dog-eat-dog environment, fiercer than the battles in a courtroom, and the problem’s only getting worse. 

— #3 —  

You’re SICK of wasting your precious time dishing out free advice on potential clients ignoring your inquires, taking your advice, sharing it with another attorney (usually cheaper by comparison – see #2) and cutting you out of the case. 

Even worst. Some clients insult you with the gall to low-ball you with another price an attorney offered asking you to match it; not knowing that attorney will either increase their prices near or above your rate *anyway* or drag the case out for as many billable hours as they can on the back-end. 

Do YOU want to boost the frequency of new cases you work on monthly? Do YOU wish to charge MORE for your services and have clients willing and ready to PAY it with no questions asked who are a better fit for your goals?  

If so, pay CLOSE attention to this article. We’re going to show you why our lead generation strategy works for many similar clients who are benefiting from our services nationwide. 

The Biggest Elephant In The Room Small to Mid-size Law Firms and Solo Attorneys Are Facing Today In The Modern-Era 

First, let’s discuss briefly what our lead generation services are NOT: 

It is NOT an SEO trick to fool Googles algorithms 

It is NOT a monthly subscription plan that “may” start working 3 months from now. 

It is NOT about spamming, arm twisting or persuading potential clients to hire your firm 

It is NOT about promoting your practice unprofessionally or unethically that will anger your state or local bar association. 

What this IS about, is *COMMODITIZATION*. 

An overly excessive number of graduating law school students looking to get their foot through the door by any means necessary; and they’re multiplying like flies.  

As mentioned previously, many attorneys are slashing their prices to the bare bone leaving nothing on the table for anyone to eat.  

Agency’s such as Legal Zoom, Rocket Lawyer and AVVO are driving this price shopping mentality completely ignoring the individual skill, talent, research and discovery work each attorney brings to the table that can create DRASTICALLY different outcomes if every lawyer was given the same case. 

So, what’s the solution? 

Best Eviction and Non-Eviction Landlord and Tenant Leads for Attorneys/Lawyers 


Lotsa, lotsa leads. 

But not just ANY leads. 

QUALITY leads.  

CLIENT leads. 

Leads we currently offer in this niche include the following: Eviction from a TENANTS perspective. Eviction from a LANDLORDS perspective. NON-eviction landlord or tenant issue (damages, back rent, refusal to repair, etc.) These leads can be purchased weekly, bi-weekly or monthly at your discretion.  

We also receive many inquiries spanning a spectrum of landlord/tenant issues such as people considering a major rental and requiring an attorneys second opinion over the finer details, are currently renting property and looking to protect their rights, and landlords seeking any means to remove persons from a property. 

In all cases, we guarantee individuals on both sides (buyer and seller) are seeking to hire a local landlord and tenant lawyer to deal with such issues like housing discrimination, property safety hazards and repairs, security deposit confiscation, and other unlawful detainer actions. 

Why Hire Us For Your Eviction Attorney Lead Prospecting Leads and Services? 

Potential clients use the internet FIRST for one reason only: 

Gather information. 

When people have legal issues, they’re prone to turn to the internet for answers. This is especially the case for people dealing with legal problems who want to protect their privacy, pride and dignity. 

No one’s going to reveal to family and friends they’re being kicked out of their own home in the middle of winter unlawfully if they believe they can fix the problem with your help first. A landlord is not going to admit his property is in shambles from a disgruntled tenant he was warned months before not to rent to and is now seeking damages and dealing with the “I told you so’s”.  

So, the internet has become a safe haven for both the tenant and landlord. It has no judgement and makes no rulings. It’s just information.  

We mention this to say that we are the best law firm ad agencies to target these individuals needs on a personal level so the leads are quality. 

We ADDRESS the issues THEY care about most. A landlord doesn’t care HOW you can get a tenant out of his property, he just needs to be assured that you CAN. 

We use LAYMEN TERMS to help them understand what’s going on and more importantly, what can be done to fix their problem. 

And we BUILD CREDIBILITY for your law firm.  

By the time our leads reach your office doors they’re primed and ready to consider your services a la carte.  

Here’s what We Can Do As Your Top Law Firm SEO, PPC and Social Media Attorney Lead Generating Company 

We provide all of our Eviction Attorney clients a trial run to determine for themselves if our leads are as good as we claim. We believe in putting our money where our mouth is.  

For a small investment you can ‘test’ our leads with ZERO LONG-TERM CONTRACTUAL COMMITMENT and start seeing results as soon as yesterday. The leads you receive are the same ones we provide our regular, happy clients. We want to PROVE we are the real deal. So, were thrilled to let our services speak for itself. 

We also want to give you peace of mind so you’re not debating rather or not we are a good fit for your purposes. You’ll have plenty of verifiable proof that our leads deliver when you’re making new cases, closing more deals and taking on larger retainers.  

By the end of the trial run, if the increase in clientele is to your satisfaction and worth the small investment, we can really roll up our sleeves, buckle down and scale up your campaign to deliver even greater results.  

Trial runs are usually what we recommend to new clients because we want you to be happy and comfortable with your decision to work with us and try our services with virtually little risk. It’ll also help prepare you to handle the increased business that’ll come your way and give you an idea of what you can expect. 

Listen. We’ve done the real-life testing so you never have to. We know from trial and error, experience and knowledge what works best and what are duds. We know what keywords to target, what landing pages to use, what ads to create, what platforms to utilize, and more.  

The process of generating a single lead is not as simple as pushing a button for us, but it can be for you if you’re more interested in doing what you do best while we focus on the areas we do best to get you the results you’re looking for. 

Hundreds of thousands of dollars was invested to create the winning marketing campaigns our current attorney clients now enjoy on a daily basis. Now, you’re closer than you think to being on the winning team. 

Let’s Work TOGETHER To GROW Your Case Load with Our Legal Lawyer Pay Per Click and SEO Lead Generating Services 

We strongly believe you should be focused on doing what you do best – being an attorney – not dealing with the minutia and day-to-day activities we’re involved in to get our clients results. In fact, if you were to take seriously what we do professionally you’d have to hire a bunch of people like us in-house to do the same job. The difference is you aren’t responsible for any more people on your payroll than you already are.  

Outsourcing your marketing to our company – Ippei Leads, LLC., — is not only recommended, but wise. Our goal is to EASE your burden while INCREASING your caseloads significantly so you’re never without potential clients searching for fair representation during the eviction process. 

We offer FREE “NO-HASSLE” CONSULTATIONS. Our focus on our call will be on you, your needs and what you’re expecting from our services. We also want to know if we’d be a good fit for each other long term.  

Call us NOW for your FREE “NO-OBLIGATION” CONSULTATION: – 248-891-9460 

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