How to Start a Local Lead Generation Business from Scratch in 2020


Hey guys, My name is Ippei, you found my site IppeiLeads.com which is my own lead generation company that does $50K per month.

I’ve been running a lead generation business since 2014, where I provide leads for various small businesses across US.

How does this business work? Let me explain…

I send more customers to businesses, they make more money & they pay me a percentage of how much business I am able to bring them.

Most of my clients pay me based on my performance.

When you have really good skills you can create win-win relationship where everyone makes more money & the business owners will love you.

These days I continue to work on my lead generation business but there’s so many cities & niches out there that I am now promoting the coaching program that showed me everything I know today to start my lead generation business and build it to multiple 6 figures.

Learning how to generate leads for other businesses was the skills I needed to quit my 9 to 5 job that I hated where I was only making $35K a year.

Going from only making $35K for a year to now making $50K per month has been life changing to say the least. Now I am passionate about showing others how to do the same.

If you like the following things, then you might want to seriously consider starting your own lead generation business.

  • Working from home, be your own boss
  • Earn passive income, no longer having to trade in time for money
  • Travel the world more, work from anywhere, anytime
  • No ceiling to your earning potential, everyday increase your income
  • Be proud of what you do, because you make a real difference in other business owners’ lives
  • Build an ethical business that’s here to stay for the long term

You like what I’m throwin’ down?


Let me now give you the rundown of my local lead generation business.

Step 1) Building the Lead Generation Website

This is all about learning how to build the actual lead generation website.

On this site you want all the pertinent information about the niche you’re trying to generate the leads in.

What services do you offer?

Which areas / cities do you service?

You also want to make sure you use a tracking phone number with a local area code.

The key with this step is to have a fast process of creating these sites that are both aesthetic and highly functional, mobile friendly.

You don’t want to be stuck dealing with HTML codes or other fancy technical stuff, you want a system that can crank out these sites effortless which our coaching program will show you in more detail.

Step 2) Creating the Google Map Listing

Creating a map listing is one thing that most people can learn how to do.

But to optimize it properly so that it can out rank other map listings is another thing.

This is the crucial step most local business owners don’t know about so when you come in with these additional ranking strategies, you can do that much better than the competition.

Map listing is where i generate tons of leads so you never want to overlook this step.

Its highly important and most business owners are only scratching the surface of what is possible with map listings.

Step 3) Ranking the Website

if you own a business and your website is sitting on page 3, its as useless as a pamphlet that’s sitting in your closet.

What causes a website to rank is all about its back link profile, basically when quality websites link to your site, its a vote in Google’s eyes that your site should get ranked higher in the search engines.

Now naturally waiting for someone to link to your site is not a very good way to go, you could be waiting for eons.

You want to have a system where you can create your own backlinks to your own lead gen sites.

Having this skill is what will really separate you from the competition because 98% of digital marketing agencies out there don’t know how to do this well.

When you lean how we are creating our own links inside the coaching program, its going to give you massive confidence in the market place because you’ll be able to routinely beat your competition to the top of page 1 search results.

Our process doesn’t involve any “begging for links” such as going out there and contacting other site owners for guest post opportunities or link outreach.

Its much more methodical way of link building where you own 100% of the assets meaning we teach you how to build your own sites where you can create your own links from, that’s both powerful and safe. Much more powerful than the types of links most local business sites are getting.

Getting excited yet?

Step 4) Providing Results in Advance & Landing the deal


Once your site begins to rank and your map listing continues to get optimized.

Your site will begin generating free traffic and the leads will start coming through.

You will begin forwarding these leads to a local business owner directly, but with a twist, each time they receive your lead, you’re going to fire off a notification to them so that they know that they are getting leads from somewhere else.

They’ll begin to wonder, “Who’s sending me these free leads?”

When they close one of those leads, and it turns into a real job and they get money in their pocket.

Then they’re really gonna wanna know who the heck is sending me these leads?

After they get some results in advance, then you’ll call them explaining to them those were your leads that you were sending.

9 times out of 10, they’ll be super eager to do business with you.

Because you’re different from most marketers, that constantly bug them and ask for money.

Most business owners want more customers, they just don’t trust most marketers because they get calls from them asking for money all day long.

But when you come in and provide free results in advance, immediately you’re seen as different.

This is utilizing one of the sales tactic, the law of reciprocity.

Which means when you provide value for someone upfront, they feel inclined to give back.

When you provide leads up front, then its much easier to strike up a deal with them and close a flat rate monthly deal or a deal where you get paid based on performance.

Some students charge per lead while other students charge a percentage of whatever that business generates from your leads.

The coaching program goes more in detail about how to structure these deals.

The beauty of this method is you don’t have to be any good at sales to land these deals because a business owner that wants more business would be happy to pay you based on performance because they don’t have to take on any risks that way.

This is the major reason why lead generation model works so much better than landing SEO clients.

Because you control & own 100% of the assets.

All the lead gen sites you build, you own, so if the business owner you land doesn’t do good, you can simply switch them out with another local business.

This means you’ll continue to get paid regardless of what might happen to the client.


I hope you liked what I shared here, my entire lead generation business blueprint that I’ve used to build my $50K per month lead generation business, Ippei Leads.

It has allowed me to live a life of freedom and financial confidence.

One of my mentors, Dan Lok, taught me a very important lesson.

Which was “Don’t seek for financial freedom, seek for financial confidence”

What does this mean?

It means to understand that the wealthiest people on the planet don’t think it terms of financial freedom and never having to work again and sitting on a beach sipping on Pina Colada for the rest of their days, people like Warren Buffet could have retired long time ago yet they are still working hard everyday late into their 80’s.


Because they’re passionate about growth & expansion and doing better than they did last year. That’s what life is about. Tony Robbins identified it as the key to happiness is expansion.

Wealthy people think about financial confidence.

They think of developing their skills & getting better.

Not this notion of financial freedom and never having to work again.

In fact work should be something that you love & enjoy, it should become your passion.

It certainly has for me, I used to be into video games when I was a kid, not anymore.

While some of my friends that I went to high school with, still play video games, I haven’t played in years because I find working on my business & achieving tangible real-life results like making more money  so much more enjoyable.

For example, I’m writing this blog post and its 1 AM in the morning and it doesn’t feel like work to me at all, I actually love this.

Financial confidence comes from developing your high-income skills.

Because no one can take your skills away from you.

Even if you go bankrupt, lose all your assets, financial confidence is about having the knowing & confidence that you can build it all back up again.

Because your skills are your skills. You know exactly what to do to get yourself back up to that level again.

Thanks to this local lead generation course, I have some of this financial confidence now.

There was a time when making $10K per month seemed so far out of reach for me.

Now I feel making $10K per month is no big deal & actually feels way too low for me now because my standards have gone up.

Most importantly, I now feel like I am worth a lot more than that because of the skills & expertise that I’ve developed.

If you want to live a 6 figure laptop lifestyle, its not about jumping from one business opportunity to another.

Its all about hunkering down and developing your skills until you become that person that is capable of delivering 6 figures worth of value to the marketplace.

I’ll leave you with this video which explain exactly that.

I hope you got a lot out of that.

Lead generation skill is in my opinion one of the most sought after skill on the internet and its one of the best high-income skill you can learn in 2018 if you wanna live that laptop lifestyle.

Every business needs lead generation without it they might as well not be in business but the problem is most business owners don’t have the time to become experts at internet marketing.

They’re too busy running the day to day operations of their business.

This is where I come in with my lead gen skills to help these businesses out by handling their entire online marketing for them. & seriously impact their bottom line revenue and I’m able to prove it because every lead I generate is tracked.

I routinely double or triple a businesses’ revenues after I enter the picture.

When you can show these kind of results, these business owners will pay you handsomely, treat you like a king/queen and will want to keep you around for good.

This is the kind of leverage you can have in the market place when you develop your high-income skill of lead generation.

This is what we are teaching others to do: 1st the skills and then A through Z training on how to build that scalable multiple 6 figure lead gen business.

Go here to get started.

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Buy Eviction Landlord Tenant Attorney Leads | Top Quality Cases On-Demand | Legal Lead Generation for Lawyers & Law Firms

If you can relate to any of the two statements below, our eviction attorney lead generation services may be the most important asset to your practice in a long time: 

 — #1 —  

You’re concerned about AVVO and other related directories that indiscriminately train potential clients to “price shop” you against your competition like orange at a fruit market.  

This puts both you AND other attorneys against each other chasing a piece of mouse cheese. No one likes this situation, and perhaps this is the category you fall in. 

— #2 — 

With so many “green behind the ear” attorneys flooding the market with each graduating class chasing a new case or job because ‘even grandpa could pass the bar exam with his eyes closed’, they’re undercutting your fees to the bare minimum so neither you NOR them can barely live off borderline minimum wage hours.  

They’re not only willing to cut your throat to get ahead, they’re cutting their own, too, because they’re pricing themselves so far below true market value. It’s like crabs in a barrel. When you’re near the top, the other doesn’t want you to make it, so they’ll pull you down along with them not realizing that they need someone AT the top (you) for them to be pulled up (hiring juvenile attorneys to help them gain experience, make partner one day or go on to start their own practice). 

It’s a dog-eat-dog environment, fiercer than the battles in a courtroom, and the problem’s only getting worse. 

— #3 —  

You’re SICK of wasting your precious time dishing out free advice on potential clients ignoring your inquires, taking your advice, sharing it with another attorney (usually cheaper by comparison – see #2) and cutting you out of the case. 

Even worst. Some clients insult you with the gall to low-ball you with another price an attorney offered asking you to match it; not knowing that attorney will either increase their prices near or above your rate *anyway* or drag the case out for as many billable hours as they can on the back-end. 

Do YOU want to boost the frequency of new cases you work on monthly? Do YOU wish to charge MORE for your services and have clients willing and ready to PAY it with no questions asked who are a better fit for your goals?  

If so, pay CLOSE attention to this article. We’re going to show you why our lead generation strategy works for many similar clients who are benefiting from our services nationwide. 

The Biggest Elephant In The Room Small to Mid-size Law Firms and Solo Attorneys Are Facing Today In The Modern-Era 

First, let’s discuss briefly what our lead generation services are NOT: 

It is NOT an SEO trick to fool Googles algorithms 

It is NOT a monthly subscription plan that “may” start working 3 months from now. 

It is NOT about spamming, arm twisting or persuading potential clients to hire your firm 

It is NOT about promoting your practice unprofessionally or unethically that will anger your state or local bar association. 

What this IS about, is *COMMODITIZATION*. 

An overly excessive number of graduating law school students looking to get their foot through the door by any means necessary; and they’re multiplying like flies.  

As mentioned previously, many attorneys are slashing their prices to the bare bone leaving nothing on the table for anyone to eat.  

Agency’s such as Legal Zoom, Rocket Lawyer and AVVO are driving this price shopping mentality completely ignoring the individual skill, talent, research and discovery work each attorney brings to the table that can create DRASTICALLY different outcomes if every lawyer was given the same case. 

So, what’s the solution? 

Best Eviction and Non-Eviction Landlord and Tenant Leads for Attorneys/Lawyers 


Lotsa, lotsa leads. 

But not just ANY leads. 

QUALITY leads.  

CLIENT leads. 

Leads we currently offer in this niche include the following: Eviction from a TENANTS perspective. Eviction from a LANDLORDS perspective. NON-eviction landlord or tenant issue (damages, back rent, refusal to repair, etc.) These leads can be purchased weekly, bi-weekly or monthly at your discretion.  

We also receive many inquiries spanning a spectrum of landlord/tenant issues such as people considering a major rental and requiring an attorneys second opinion over the finer details, are currently renting property and looking to protect their rights, and landlords seeking any means to remove persons from a property. 

In all cases, we guarantee individuals on both sides (buyer and seller) are seeking to hire a local landlord and tenant lawyer to deal with such issues like housing discrimination, property safety hazards and repairs, security deposit confiscation, and other unlawful detainer actions. 

Why Hire Us For Your Eviction Attorney Lead Prospecting Leads and Services? 

Potential clients use the internet FIRST for one reason only: 

Gather information. 

When people have legal issues, they’re prone to turn to the internet for answers. This is especially the case for people dealing with legal problems who want to protect their privacy, pride and dignity. 

No one’s going to reveal to family and friends they’re being kicked out of their own home in the middle of winter unlawfully if they believe they can fix the problem with your help first. A landlord is not going to admit his property is in shambles from a disgruntled tenant he was warned months before not to rent to and is now seeking damages and dealing with the “I told you so’s”.  

So, the internet has become a safe haven for both the tenant and landlord. It has no judgement and makes no rulings. It’s just information.  

We mention this to say that we are the best law firm ad agencies to target these individuals needs on a personal level so the leads are quality. 

We ADDRESS the issues THEY care about most. A landlord doesn’t care HOW you can get a tenant out of his property, he just needs to be assured that you CAN. 

We use LAYMEN TERMS to help them understand what’s going on and more importantly, what can be done to fix their problem. 

And we BUILD CREDIBILITY for your law firm.  

By the time our leads reach your office doors they’re primed and ready to consider your services a la carte.  

Here’s what We Can Do As Your Top Law Firm SEO, PPC and Social Media Attorney Lead Generating Company 

We provide all of our Eviction Attorney clients a trial run to determine for themselves if our leads are as good as we claim. We believe in putting our money where our mouth is.  

For a small investment you can ‘test’ our leads with ZERO LONG-TERM CONTRACTUAL COMMITMENT and start seeing results as soon as yesterday. The leads you receive are the same ones we provide our regular, happy clients. We want to PROVE we are the real deal. So, were thrilled to let our services speak for itself. 

We also want to give you peace of mind so you’re not debating rather or not we are a good fit for your purposes. You’ll have plenty of verifiable proof that our leads deliver when you’re making new cases, closing more deals and taking on larger retainers.  

By the end of the trial run, if the increase in clientele is to your satisfaction and worth the small investment, we can really roll up our sleeves, buckle down and scale up your campaign to deliver even greater results.  

Trial runs are usually what we recommend to new clients because we want you to be happy and comfortable with your decision to work with us and try our services with virtually little risk. It’ll also help prepare you to handle the increased business that’ll come your way and give you an idea of what you can expect. 

Listen. We’ve done the real-life testing so you never have to. We know from trial and error, experience and knowledge what works best and what are duds. We know what keywords to target, what landing pages to use, what ads to create, what platforms to utilize, and more.  

The process of generating a single lead is not as simple as pushing a button for us, but it can be for you if you’re more interested in doing what you do best while we focus on the areas we do best to get you the results you’re looking for. 

Hundreds of thousands of dollars was invested to create the winning marketing campaigns our current attorney clients now enjoy on a daily basis. Now, you’re closer than you think to being on the winning team. 

Let’s Work TOGETHER To GROW Your Case Load with Our Legal Lawyer Pay Per Click and SEO Lead Generating Services 

We strongly believe you should be focused on doing what you do best – being an attorney – not dealing with the minutia and day-to-day activities we’re involved in to get our clients results. In fact, if you were to take seriously what we do professionally you’d have to hire a bunch of people like us in-house to do the same job. The difference is you aren’t responsible for any more people on your payroll than you already are.  

Outsourcing your marketing to our company – Ippei Leads, LLC., — is not only recommended, but wise. Our goal is to EASE your burden while INCREASING your caseloads significantly so you’re never without potential clients searching for fair representation during the eviction process. 

We offer FREE “NO-HASSLE” CONSULTATIONS. Our focus on our call will be on you, your needs and what you’re expecting from our services. We also want to know if we’d be a good fit for each other long term.  

Call us NOW for your FREE “NO-OBLIGATION” CONSULTATION: – 248-891-9460 

Other Legal Lead Generation Services We Offer

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Buy Social Security Disability Leads | Top Quality Cases On-Demand | Attorney Lead Generation Marketing

Think back on your advertising efforts over the last year. Was there anything you dabbled in that didn’t live up to your expectations? Is it possible you didn’t put enough *PUSH* behind it to give it a running start? In all fairness, did you give it enough time to work its magic before pulling the plug and looking elsewhere? Or… 

Did you hire a law firm marketing agency, paid out the rear-end for quality but instead got quality ‘dung’ for leads? 

Truth is, acquiring new leads is challenging for any business. Law firms are no different, but that doesn’t mean yours have to suffer.  

Ippei Leads, LLC., having serviced leads for a major client in Miami, Florida with a million-dollar budget and with many other small to mid-sized firms elsewhere, understands legal consumers better than anyone else. All you need to do is say the word, “GO!” And our team will begin working tirelessly on your behalf to generate exclusive disability attorney leads.  

We do the all the heavy lifting including Pay Per Click advertising, social media advertising, SEO marketing and more with target campaigns attracting relevant legal clients and connect them directly to you and your firm. You’ll finally be set free to focus on doing what you do best – winning disability cases on behalf of all the new clientele we’ll be helping you generate in your business. 

SSDI Lead Generation Filtering System for Attorneys *EXPLAINED* 

There’s no point targeting every person who thinks they *deserve* legal counsel when you know beforehand they’ve lost the case before it has begun.  

For example, if they’re under 49, we disqualify them. If they are already receiving benefits, we disqualify them. If they already have an attorney or representative, we disqualify them. If they are not currently seeing medial advice about their disability, it’s “heresy” and we disqualify them.  

In other words, out of all the leads we generate for this niche, we filter out over HALF of them as unqualified leads. These saves YOU time spent on the phone disqualifying them all yourself. Granted, some prospects may not share all the details we need to know upfront, but generally speaking, we aim to do most of the filtering on your behalf so you don’t have to. 

Here’s How Our Internet Online Marketing Disability Law Firm Works In A Nutshell 

Imagine John. He’s at home right now recovering from a botched hospital routine procedure that required surgery on his right eye that ultimately ended up blinding him in both eyes.  

He’s understanding of the situation. Besides, the Doctor so happens to be a friend of friend in the family. He goes online to look for legal advice on how ot deal with his insurance company, realizes he isn’t covered and notices one of our ads that says he may be entitled LEGALLY to fair compensation. 

He makes a few rounds and gets the run around from the hospital that served him. He thought they were in the business of making things right, but they’re only interested in lining their pockets. He takes action, clicks on your ad, enters all of his details involving his situation and waits for us to send him to you to decide if the two of you would be a good fit to work with. 

You close the deal, gain more confidence, close even more deals, and pretty soon you’ve taken up a monopoly in the entire local area and the only disability attorney people know and remember by name is YOURS alone. 

Did You Know… 

the best leads are the ones that were advertised to “several times” consistently over a long period of time.  

When you think of Sam Bernstein, Jeffery Fieger or the infamous “Johnny Cochran’, you KNOW who they are on a first name basis because they understood the principles of marketing, branding and publicity. 

Granted, you don’t need to be as well-known as these guys to draw profitable, high-profile cases. In fact, being too recognized could actually work against you. Besides, you may not have the marketing acumen (or dollars) to compete on that level. 

Your next best option is to consider buying bulk discrimination case leads where we – Ippei Leads, LLC. — do the bulk of the work involved in finding, capturing, screening, qualifying and delivering fresh leads monthly. 

Here’s What Separates Our Disability Lawyer SEO Advertising Services From Competition 

Dedicated Customer Support – Our support staff are dedicated to clients and monitor attorney leads while providing valuable feedback, suggestions and guidance to help you get more out of our services. 

Superior Lead Sourcing – Every lead you receive goes through a screening process on our end where they all go THROUGH us FIRST before you make a single phone call. 

Consumer Knowledge and Understanding – We know what MOTIVATES, DRIVES and INSPIRES a potential lead to want to do business with you. No one knows this audience better than Ippei Leads, LLC. We know HWERE they are, WHAT they’re searching for and WHEN they’re ready to go on retainer for YOU. 

Strict Quality Standards – Unlike traditional mailing list houses, we have a strict process of ensuring the leads you receive have the HIGHEST chance of turning into paying clients. 

3 Reasons WHY You Need Our Legal Disability Attorney Pay Per Click Lead Generation Services For Your Law Practice…YESTERDAY! 

REASON #1: Consistent Business Flow – As lucrative as the law market CAN be, it can be VERY inconsistent and unforgiving if it is. For example, there are “slumps” in the market where the demand for disability lawyers drop because supply is too high. Then there are years where the demand is high but the quality of leads are “low” (cherry pickers, tire kickers, low-ballers, time wasters, etc.). 

Our CONSISTENT lead generation system puts you one step AHEAD of your competition by keeping you focused on trying lucrative disability cases instead of having to chase down the next client more elusive than Big Foot.  

Consistency in law practice SECURES your position as a legal authority to help you ride through the peaks and valleys of an uncertain legal market.  

REASON #2: Advertising ‘Discretion’ – With the right approach you could turn your website into a client magnet, but perhaps you want to play the field a little closer to home where you’re not exposing your case selection preferences and would rather do so discreetly. 

Our lead generation service delivers disability case leads ‘silently’ and ‘discreetly’ to keep your options open and build a broader brand otherwise unobtainable as a niche attorney. 

Perhaps you wish to keep your options open, or maybe you have other attorneys on board who specialize in disability cases, for example.  

REASON #3: Build GREATER Credibility Through Narrow Focus – They say there’s more than one way to skin a cat. We disagree. If you skin a cat one way and it’s working, why fix what’s not broken? 

Being a ‘Jack of all trades, and master of none’ is a common problem among practicing attorneys. When someone has a specific problem, such as being disabled on the job due to injury, he or she wants to know if you are particularly great at working those kinds of cases to bring the maximum results.  

Our lead generation services ensure the bulk of your clientele have issues related to disability cases. As you become well-known for handling these types of cases, you become sought after MORE.  

Who makes more? A General doctor? Or a plastic surgeon? A baseball slugger, or all-around team player?  

On the surface it appears you’re “limiting” your options. And that’s the point. Making a name for yourself in disability law sets you apart from every lawyer who wants to be everything to every client.   

Here’s What Doing Business With Our SEO and PPC Disability Attorney Case Lead Agency Will Be Like For You 

Odds are you’ve tried various law firm lead-generating organizations like our own, most of which you’ve experienced varying success. You’re hesitant to work with Ippei Leads, LLC., or any other marketing agency for that matter because many are known to be BIG talkers, SLOW walkers.  

We have an honest discussion by phone about what we do, how we do it, and when. No sugar coating reality here. Just the facts. Soon after, like all of our disability lawyer and attorney clients before you, you give us the most valuable currency possible – TRUST. 

After considering the price of our service, which is amongst the lowest in our industry in relation to lead value, you give us a ‘shot’. You swing a few bats, knock out a few home runs and realize the sourcing Ippei Leads, LLC., employs produces extremely good leads. Our screening process is largely responsible for this. You retain nearly 80% of the leads we send and are thrilled to continue doing business with us for the foreseeable future. 


We offer trial runs of our services for a very small investment so you’re able to see for yourself that we’re the real deal McCoy. We WANT you to get real, reliable results without forcing you into a contract and burden of a big financial commitment long-term. 

By taking our trial run you’ll be able to see what we’re capable of doing for you and when you’re happy with the results (and you will be), we can roll up our sleeves, get down to business, scale up and put our staff to work for you. 

Forget ‘waiting months’ for results. Get them as soon as YESTERDAY! There’s no obligation to continue after the trial period if you’re not extremely impressed with what we do. 

We’ve Done ALL The Heavy Lifting To Generate Leads For Lawyers Like YOU So YOU Never Have To 

Marketing involves a TON of testing, tracking, and ad spend. We’ve done all the real-life testing to know what lead generating strategies work best for disability lawyers because we already have law clients.  

This benefits you because you’re able to tap into our vast knowledge base and experience without any of the risk typically associated with doing it on your own.  

We’ve spent THOUSANDS of dollars in paid advertising testing many keyword and landing page variations. We did it so YOU never have to. You can leverage our success from day 1.  

Our service at its core is simple. You pay a small fee to save you time and money for the highest quality disability case leads in the industry today using our expertise. 

Let’s BUILD Your Case Load, Generate More Revenue and Grow Your Practice Today

We plan every step of the marketing process along the way to provide you with a customized ‘bespoke’ approach from strategy framing, execution in the right direction, monitoring the results, analyzing the impact, making necessary modifications and everything in-between. We keep you in the loop so you know what we’re doing with your hard-earned dollars every time. 

As mentioned earlier, we don’t believe in locking people down into excessively long contractual agreements. We want you to have the freedom of choice to choose our services because it’s in YOUR best interest, not ours. This is a level of flexibility you will rarely find elsewhere because we know that when you get RESULTS you’ll remain a loyal client for life.  

Don’t let this opportunity slip by you. Just as quickly as its offered it can be just as quickly taken away when we’ve maxed out our capacity limit and the number of disability attorneys we can serve.  

We don’t give our most precious leads to ANY attorney who wants them. We screen our clients, too, to make sure they are a good fit for us and what we represent in our offices.  

Integrity and character goes a long way in this business and if we have these high standards of ourselves, we expect the attorneys we work with to have the same values we do and practice.  

Remember, we’re here to serve you and make doing your job that much easier than before. We EASE the burden of haggling on price, dealing with tire kickers, freebie information seekers, and all the scavengers in-between who can’t afford your services but can afford to waste your time. We eliminate those leads out of your way and make room for those who are ready to go on retainer, put down a down payment and play ‘ball’.  

Make your BEST years in practice the most profitable years. Pick up a phone and call us NOW for your FREE “NO-OBLIGATION” CONSULTATION: – 248-891-9460 and one of our associates will be on stand-by to walk you through the interview process.  

We look forward to having you on the winning team and helping you achieve the success we all know you rightfully deserve. 

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Buy Civil Law & Discrimination Leads for Attorneys | Top Quality Cases On-Demand

Do you want fresh, high-quality discrimination leads for your law firm practice? 

Do you want more people looking online to find YOUR specific practice to solve THEIR specific problems? 

Do you want MORE clients for your legal services, but unsure how to do it without falling flat on your face? 

No worries. We got you covered. At Ippei Leads, LLC., we’ve worked with major law firms in Miami, Florida with access to millions in advertising dollars and have years of experience in the field generating local leads for a variety of attorneys including other unrelated small business companies. 

We a PERFORMANCE DRIVEN, PROVEN, and COST EFFECTIVE in finding and DELIVERING CUSTOMERS right to your front door.  

We produce a steady stream of quality leads immediately with no delay thanks to our PPC, social media and SEO marketing campaigns using white hat techniques (jargon for “legal and ethical”) to grow your firms’ revenue to unseen heights. 

The Benefits of Our Law Firm Discrimination Lead Generation Company Assistance 

Leveraging the power of extensive PPC (Pay-Per-Click), social media and SEO marketing campaigns, you can take advantage of good, solid prospects ACTIVELY looking to hire your legal services as soon as today.  

We laser target our efforts to produce results for all of our attorney clients, providing you with a higher return on our investment while acquiring new clients for a low, affordable cost with virtually zero effort on your part. This frees up your time to do what you do best – being an attorney – while we handle the logistics and all the work behind-the-scenes that makes us the best SEO legal law advertising agency online. 

With our proven ad writing strategies, lead page templates and extensive experience that work for a variety of local businesses (see our testimonials section), you are sure to get tighter conversions that’ll greatly improve your bottom line.  

You can reap the benefits of our lead generation campaign at YOUR pace because you decide how many leads you want to acquire monthly and how many cases you wish to try. If you wish to increase your advertising budget a bit this month, it’s easy to do so.  

Because we don’t deal with contracts when working with us, you’re free to cancel or adjust your budget according to your needs any time.  

We believe traditional SEO efforts are still a valid form of advertising, but the problem with that is results are usually “hit n’ miss”. One month you’ll have enough cases to last a month or two, the following month you’re bone dry on leads and are fighting tooth and nail with other attorneys for the same scrapes left on the table. Plus, a website presence is better for BRAND BUILDING and being more recognizable to your target audience than it is in attracting steady leads. 

Fact is, most people won’t KNOW who you ARE. All they’ll know is, “I’m being DENIED my disability payments. How can I get it?”. They’re not thinking of you when they’re in this pickle, but they ARE hoping someone LIKE you come along to alleviate it and get them the payments they rightfully deserve.  

That’s why our lead generation service puts you in front of people who NEED your service, not just LOOKING for one. That’s the biggest benefit of working with our lawyer lead department. 

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Are Your Legal Leads Exclusive? 

We do not share or resell leads you purchase from us to multiple firms or buyers. All leads are sold ONCE. We check new leads against old leads. Any that are matching in name, email, phone number, etc. are scrubbed as ‘duplicates’ and ineligible for resale or distribution. 

However, we do NOT segregate territories, meaning there are enough quality leads for multiple firms so it’s unnecessary to monopolize a local or regional market to a single firm. Your leads will be different from another’s in the same area allowing both practices to thrive equally without stepping on the others toes. 

Most lead providers are not as kind selling one lead to multiple firms. The first attorney to beat the other to the punch gets the case, footing the others with a spent lead on the bill. These companies as a by-product earn more per lead in profit than we do while burning through multiple attorneys to boost their own bottom-line. It’s a win-lose situation. We believe that’s unethical and strive to do right by you and other discrimination attorney clients. 

What Type of Legal Leads Do You Offer? 

Our leads comprise of prospects seeking legal counsel and can be purchased by any licensed attorney or any sized firm. Most of our clients are solo practitioners. A few, like our client in Miami, Florida, are larger firms we provide leads for.  

You can target a single area of law – i.e. Discrimination Law – or any number of niches and sub-niches of your choice.  

Do You Filter For Quality Control? 

Yes. While our competitors are known for sending ‘tire-kickers’ and ‘freebie advice seekers’, the quality of a lead is determined by how soon a lead becomes a client of yours.  

We sort and sift through every lead and alter our own marketing campaigns to ensure you’re getting the cream of the crop.  

How Do You Generate Your Legal Leads? 

A combination of ways. We do most of our own internal campaigns via Pay Per Click, SEO and social media marketing along with exclusive partnerships with some of the largest networks in the country. This allows us to guarantee quality from start to finish.  

How Do We Pay For Leads? 

We accept most major forms of payments such as credit and debit cards, wire and ACH bank transfers and more.  

Please contact us at 248-891-9460 for more information regarding payment methods that work best for you. 

Is It ETHICAL To Purchase Legal Leads for Attorneys? 

Online lead generation has existed nearly as long as the internet has been born. 

There were many ‘ups and downs’ along the way most companies faced BEFORE our time that led to the sophisticated and streamlined approach we have now where there are rules and regulations we follow in your state to stay above board. 

We operate ethically and comply with state laws concerning attorney advertisements. For example, we are NOT a referral service nor do we promote ‘any one’ particular attorney staying in compliance with ABA Model Rule 71. In no way are we to be payed based on collection of client fees. We operate on a ‘fixed-rate fee’ system. 

How Do I Take Delivery of Leads? 

Typically, via email with a copy upon request sent via text since we know you’re working cases and may be away from your office. If there are any other methods of delivery you suggest that’s best for you, we’re open to discussing those options in a matter most convenient. 

How Long Will It Take To Receive Legal Leads? 

Within days, sometimes in less than 24 hours, depending on how fast we can include you in our rotation of existing campaigns.  

We know you’re interested in SSDI legal leads. The only thing we need to know is your geography and payment funding.  

Please allow up to a week initially for traction and lead flow to actually begin. 

Can I Be Accredited For Bad Leads? 

Yes. To request a replacement, notify us via email or phone within 3 days and allow us time to verify the lead along with the reason for the lead being bad. Our verification team will double confirm the reasons you state on all requests and determine accordingly. 

Am I Allowed To Choose A Specific Area of Law? 


In fact, this feature is what sets us apart.  

As a discrimination and SSDI attorney you can choose to focus your energies on such cases in this area where you specialize. You’ll never have to worry about the well running dry because we’re always filling up with specialty, niche legal leads in your area. 

Keep in mind, the more general areas of law you can handle and choose to work, the more leads you’ll be able to receive because of the greater number of people you’ll have access to in our system. 

Let’s Work TOGETHER To GROW Your Case Load with our Legal Discrimination Pay Per Click and SEO Lead Generating Services 

It’s time you leave your marketing worries to the pro’s. We know the in’s and out’s of this industry like the back of our hand, and specialize in guiding potential clients to be legally represented by your firm.  

We believe your focus should be on fostering, growing and engaging in your practice, without stressing over all the moving pieces of what WE do best – advertising and marketing.  

Our goal for you is to connect you with more legal leads, and watch as your practice thrives in abundance. We believe it’s also our moral obligation to provide communities with the best legal representation with their best interest at heart through our unique services. 

Call us NOW for your FREE “NO-OBLIGATION” CONSULTATION: – 248-891-946

Also we can do other attorney lead gen

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lead generation

Buy Bankruptcy Attorney Leads | On-Demand Lead Generation Marketing for Bankruptcy Lawyers & Law Firms

Attorney Joe is a composite of the typical bankruptcy attorneys we typically encounter on a day-to-day basis. As the old saying goes, “There’s nothing new under the sun”. This is his story: 

Attorney Joe did everything his prestigious law school told him to do to secure new clients from old-school methods like door-to-door mailing campaigns, good ol’ fashion yellow book-style cold calling, and expensive billboard, t.v. and print ads, to ranking on the first page of Google for common ‘obvious’ commercial keywords like “Attorney in L.A.” or “find good lawyer”. 

Despite all of his blood, sweat and tears POURED into these various campaigns, he’d always come up ‘just shy’ of securing a client only to lose out to other attorneys who took a slightly ‘different approach and charged MORE for their services.  

It’s enough to leave bitter taste in the mouth of any struggling attorney. Joe is not much different. Although he graduated magna cum laude of his class, ranked in the top 3% of bar exams, has plenty of court experience and is respected HIGHLY amongst his colleagues, he’s left sitting alone in his office, staring at a lifeless phone with his head in his hands wandering how he’s going to pay his bills to support his wife and mother of his 6-month baby son. 

Just as his situation was starting to look bleaker by the week, Attorney Joe finally caved under the pressure to hire a marketing firm that had been bugging him for his business for weeks. Quite ironic, considering he himself was doing much of the same with the few leads he did manage to scrape together leading to dead ends.  

Nonetheless, he gave them a call one morning; let’s just call them “Leach Marketing” (not their real name, but more fitting), because soon after he signed a binding contract that put him on the hook for thousands of dollars’ worth of ‘unproven services’; turning themselves into the cold-blooded “leaches” they were disguising themselves to be.  

As far as “Leach Marketing” is concerned, they could care less about the well-being of him, his wife or his child. They cared more about sucking his bank account dry and leaving him near penniless waiting for food at a soup kitchen line. 

But Attorney Joe’s not yet aware of this sinister plan because leaches are bloodsucking parasites who operate on getting what they want without their unwilling host being made aware.  

Sadly, this is a common reality of MANY bankruptcy attorneys we’re working with today. 

They Promised Attorney Joe A FLOOD of New Business and Clientele That’ll Set Him Up For Life

Before signing with “Leach Marketing”, everything they told Attorney Joe Esq. seemed to make sense. “Well get you on the first page of Google and the dough will come rolling in” they told him. 

Can you guess what happens next? 

Attorney Joe had his website redesigned and he was beginning to be ranked at the top of search engine results. A few months pass and his firm is being swamped with traffic. 

The traffic he’s getting, however, is mostly a combination of “freebie advice seekers”, “tire-kickers”, and other SEO marketing firms who solicited his business. In other words, “JUNK”! 

Months later, things are getting worse before it gets better – and Attorney Joe promised himself he would never trust another marketing company again. (can you relate?) 

It was around this time he came across this website and read an article similar to the one you’re reading now. He couldn’t recall how he came across us, only that he did. Still weary of his last experience with another law advertising agency, he decided to take advantage of our complimentary strategy session where he learned about our unique methods that not only ATTRACT paying clients, but helps you keep them. 

Our staff provided him actionable content to use right away to start getting results and within days he decided to go forward with our no-contract risk-free obligation trial to receive a steady flow of leads daily. 

He took a chance. He had nothing left to loss. He won. Big time. Within 12 months he added an extra $100,000 revenue to his firm along with his base salary of $40,000/yearly.  

The only thing Joe regretted is not having hired us sooner.  

Why Hire Ippei Leads, LLC. As Your Best Law Firm SEO Company Marketing For Bankruptcy Attorneys and Lawyers?

We don’t just *give* you leads, we SCREEN your leads so YOU don’t waste your precious billable hours filtering them yourself. 

We do this by allowing potential clients to rate THEIR level of interest in PAID services. If free information is what they’re after, free information is what they’ll get – somewhere else. This one change alone screens out a LOT of ‘undesirables’ from squandering your valuable time. 

Unfortunately, when it comes to bankruptcy leads, as you can imagine, most can’t afford the services of a bankruptcy lawyer if their filling for general bankruptcy, chapter 7, chapter 11 or chapter 13. The pickings are few and slim. However, OUR pickings are the creme de la crème’ and are given EXCLUSILVEY to our bankruptcy attorney clients. 

Sometimes a client isn’t always “sure” which chapter they should file for bankruptcy under. For example, a popular option is Chapter 11, but may not necessarily apply to a potential client. Your job will be to help them first recognize if any bankruptcy option is best for them to exercise, secondly, to help to choose the best bankruptcy option (general, chapter 7, chapter 11, and chapter 13). 

We send leads of people looking to hire a local bankruptcy lawyer and to help them with their debt settlement options and cease wage garnishment.  

With over 1 million+ U.S.A citizens filing a bankruptcy claim every year, a majority of them start the process with a simple Google search on the internet. Top quality bankruptcy leads are out there for the taking, but only Ippei Leads, LLC. can help you navigate the rocky terrain and bring you the best of the best available. 

A steady stream of clients is CRITICAL to expanding your law business. We offer the best bankruptcy case leads to ‘level the playing field’, give you a significant edge above your competitors, and ‘bridge the gap’ between your firm and those seeking legal representation on bankruptcy filings.  

Now is the time to reduce the amount of time, effort, energy and advertising dollars wasted on ineffective offline and online marketing methods and allow Ippei Leads, LLC., to deliver the best bankruptcy leads on your behalf. 

8 Reasons WHY Ippei Leads LLC., Is Your Local Areas BEST Bankruptcy Lead Provider and Supplier

Real Time Leads – When we get em’, you recieve em’. No questions asked. 

Highest Quality Leads – We vet, sort and process every lead that comes our way so YOU don’t have to because we value your time. 

Credit for Bad Leads – Got a few bad ones? Don’t worry. Sometimes a few slips through the cracks. We will reimburse you with ‘credit’ to replace that lead so you are never bearing the burden of an unqualified prospect. 

Exclusive Leads – What leads are yours are yours alone. You get ‘first look’. 

No Contracts – Hate contracts? Us, too. That’s why we offer trial periods of our services so you can sample the best we have to offer without a huge time or financial commitment. 

Convenient Payment – We accept all forms of major payments such as credit, debit, wires, and more. 

Local & National Leads – If you have more one office in different cities, we can arrange to accommodate each branch according to your specifications. 

Genuine Leads Seeking Genuine Legal Help – Our leads are ACTIVELY seeking for and willing to PAY for legal counsel. That’s the big difference between us and other lawyer marketing companies. We sort the wheat from the chaff and give you the best the industry has to offer to make sealing the deal, signing a retainer and colleting your fees ‘easy as pie’. 

Here’s How Our Legal Bankruptcy Attorney and Lawyer Lead Generating Service Works In A Nutshell

STEP #1: Engage Potential Clients 

Using a variety of marketing channels such as search engine marketing, PPC (Pay Per Click) marketing, social media marketing (facebook, instagram, Indeed, etc.) display ads and the such, we proactively engage YOUR potential clients looking for information on bankruptcy assistance. 

STEP #2: Turn Prospects Into Real Leads 

Next, we FILTER, REMOVE, and DISCARD any unqualified leads that already have attorneys (to prevent a pissing match), are duplicates and that fail to meet your standards and ours. 

STEP #3: Turn Over *EXCLUSIVE* Leads To You 

Once a lead as successfully passed all of our criteria to qualify for your time, we distribute the leads directly to you via email in real-time. 

Let’s Work TOGETHER To BOOST Your Case Load, Generate MORE Leads and Produce MORE Revenues Today!

Our goal is to make business 10x easier for you. Your time should be spent working and solving cases you’re paid professionally to do – not finding them.  

Imagine if Lebron James had to *personally* sell seat tickets to a Cleveland Cavaliers game *in addition to* preparing for the game. He wouldn’t be the player he is today. You can’t be everywhere at all times. It’s not feasible nor possible.  

Let Ippei Leads, LLC., keep your pipeline full of red, hot PREMIUM bankruptcy leads and clients in the geography(s) of your choice and practice area you specify so case load problems are forever a thing of the past. 

Call us now for your consultation at 248-891-9460. We’ll know within minutes of our conversation if we are a good fit for each other.

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Buy DUI/DWI Attorney Leads | Expert Lead Generation Marketing for DUI Lawyers & Law Firms

Are you tired of dealing with second-hand marketing firms blowing through your ad spend, wasting your marketing dollars, and charging you an arm and a leg for less than sub-par service?  

Or maybe you have more time on your hands than you do clients and the number of leads you’re generating to pay your salary, let alone keep the doors open to your practice, just isn’t cutting it. 

Regardless if you’re green behind the ears when it comes to marketing or you’ve been around the block working with “hacks” one to many times, at Ippei Leads, LLC., we consistently deliver for our DUI/DWI lawyer and attorney client’s quality leads. In fact, we have one legal firm based in Miami, Florida that does just that generating millions of thousands of dollars on behalf of our clientèle.  

When you’re getting these kinds of results DAILY on a routine basis, it’s fair to say we get ZERO complaints – except for maybe the handful who remind us to *slow down a bit while THEY catch up on their increased workload*.  

They find it quite hilarious as their laughing all the way to the bank leaving “clueless” competitors behind in the dust. 

Why Purchase High End Criminal Defense Law Firm Marketing, Advertising and Legal Driving Under the Influence and Driving While Intoxicated Leads? 

You should work with us for three reasons: 

1) You’re tired of *just BARELY scraping by*, FIGHTING to earn the business of a client who *knows* he or she has *options*. They threaten to go elsewhere if you refuse to play ball because they sense desperation in your voice and, like sharks smelling blood in the water, will proceed to ‘talk you down on your fees until your basically working pro-bono’. 

2) Your TIRED of haggling with “price shoppers” looking for fast food deals for 5-star restaurant services. They’re legitimate paying clients, but are they REALLY worth fighting for? 

3) You’re TIRED of dealing with low level ‘time-wasters’ who are clearly going to lose the case with or without your services and are often to ‘broke’ to pay you a dime for your services – ever.  

If THAT’S not enough reason to consider our services, we don’t know what is. 

The Secret To Affordable, Reliable and Dependable High Quality DUI/DWI Attorney Leads EVERY Drunk Driving Lawyer Needs To Know That’ll Generate 6-Figure Annual Paydays 

We’re going to ‘pull back the curtains’ and let you in on a little secret top DUI and DWI lawyers rely on to get the kind of business most envy.  

If you were to ask a successful lawyer, “What is it that you DO to stay in business for so long and seemingly attract new clients like bees to honey?”  

After giving you the ‘run around’ about being “persistent”, “think positively” and repeating clichés like, “It’s not WHAT you know, it’s WHO you know” you may walk away from that conversation feeling empty handed, that is – of course – if you can manage to get them to “spill the beans” and give you the secret sauce behind their successful law practice over happy hour at the local watering hole. 

But why go through all that hassle when you can get the secret to having a thriving law practice straight from the horse’s mouth? 

The lead generation business that PROVIDES the majority of all their past and future clienteles – US. 

Besides, it’s professional marketing firms like our own specializing in assisting DUI attorneys that are making your counterparts famously rich.  

For obvious reasons, we can’t divulge EVERY secret up our sleeve for the same reason your competitors refuse to tell you we are responsible for much of their success behind the scenes. And would YOU if you were in their shoes? 

We’ve spent many days and nights perfecting our system to benefit DWI attorneys like yourself. If we gave away the farm we’d be doing our current clients a major disservice. 


…we’ll give you one BIG secret that’s bound to shed more light on the REALITY our clients currently experience. 

And The Secret Is THIS… 

MOST lead generation companies for criminal defense lawyers will say to you, “When a potential client makes a decision to hire a DUI lawyer, he/she will first visit Google and type in something like ‘Michigan DUI DWI lawyer'” Using our lingo this is called a “commercial keyword”. To draw a potential client’s attention, you need to rank in the first 2 – 3 pages for this main commercial keyword in your city/regional/local practice area.  

Fair enough, right? 

Sure. But, this paints an incomplete picture of REALITY. 

Your next client looks for a DUI attorney AFTER making a decision to get one. However, BEFORE making that decision they Google *answers* to their legal problems using non-commercial terms and statements like “false drunk driving accusations”,  “facing drug charges for routine traffic stop for broke tail light”, “criminal defense lawyer attorney near me”, “top criminal defense dui attorneys”, “DUI defence lawyes”, “DUI attorney cost”, “local duit attorney”, “criminal defense atty” or “drink driving lawyers” 

Here’s the key: 

While MOST DUI/DWI attorney law firm offices target commercial keywords, very FEW rank for those longer keywords that separates you from our competition.  

You see, the goal is not to target the obvious – although we DO target commercial keywords – it’s just not “priority” because our clients get results following a unique way.  

In ther words, we zig while they zag. 

Our Criminal Law Firm SEO Attorney Lead Generation, Advertising and Marketing Company Do ALL The Heavy Lifting So YOU Don’t Have To 

The staff at Ippei Leads, LLC. has done all of the real-world testing and tracking to produce the best results in the least amount of time.  

Because we already have DUI/DWI attorney lawyers as clients, you benefit directly from our experience which, by the way, would cost you an arm and a leg to do on your own. 

Finding the winning formula isn’t as simple as 1-2-3. There’s dozens of failed campaigns and a ridiculous amount of trial and error before finding the sweet spot that produces the kinds of results that make our clients *very, VERY happy*. 

We’ve tested all the keywords and landing pages (websites designed to capture a potential client’s information for future contact) to learn what converts best and what doesn’t so you don’t have to. 

You Now Have Only *TWO* Options 

  1. A) Take the little information we gave you and go off in to the wild wild west and explore uncharted territory on your own.  

This is a ‘hit or miss’ approach. You MAY come out on top a winner saving a few bucks and connecting all the dots yourself, and if you’re able to do what we do “in addition to” your responsibilities as an attorney, we tip our hats off to you. We certainly couldn’t do OUR job and YOUR job simultaneously. You’re the real MVPA (most valuable player ‘attorney’) 

But, if you’re like MOST successful attorneys who’d rather spend their time doing LESS of what they DON’T want to do, and MORE of what they DO want to do, there’s… 

…Option “B” 

  1. B) Hire US – Ippei Leads, LLC. — for an initial trial run. See that we get you results. For a small initial investment in our services will deliver quality leadsstraightto your doorstep. They are worth their weight in billable hours.  

We recommend a trial period for all our clients so you feel confident in our services without prematurely locking yourself into an undesirable contract and a big financial commitment.  

We want to PROVE our worth by bringing you REAL cases. If you’re happy with the results, as the majority of our clients usually are, you’re free to consider extended services beyond the rrial period.  

This makes our service to you *RISK-FREE, NO OBLIGATION*. 

Our DUI lawyer clients see results quickly – sometimes within *days*. We’re confident you’ll be impressed with the results we produce on your behalf. 

Let’s Work Together To Improve Your Case Load 

As you can imagine, DUI/DWI leads are in themselves a practice of their own and it’s in HIGH DEMAND across the country.  

We can certainly help you “break the barrier of entry once-and-for-all”, but If you fail to call us now at 248-891-9460 your fierce competitors certainly won’t hesitate to do so.  

In fact, we’ve had to turn AWAY competing lawyers practicing in the same area when one firm called and contracted our services FIRST before the other – sometimes only days apart. The ones who lost out are usually the ones who SAW us first, did nothing, sat on it for a while BEFORE pulling the trigger. But, by then, it was *too late*.  

It’s a bitter pill to swallow. That’s why we suggest you be FIRST in your area because if YOU’RE reading this right now, we guarantee your fellow attorneys are reading the same at this very moment.  

Ippei (owner of Ippei Leads, LLC.) will thoroughly evaluate your situation, review your specific needs and how many leads you’d require to achieve the income goals you desire, write up a detailed action plan and get started ‘right away’. We cater to both unbundled and full-representation legal services by request. 

The owner of Ippei Leads, LLC., is an expert marketer with vast experience in some of the most competitive industries. We acquire MORE leads for LESS than our competition that are HIGHER QUALITY than anywhere else. 

Call us NOW for your FREE “NO-OBLIGATION” CONSULTATION: – 248-891-9460 

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Buy Attorney Leads | Top Quality Cases On-Demand | Legal Lead Generation Marketing for Lawyers & Law Firms

High-quality pay per lead & seo lead generation for attorneys & law firms. We implement the finest internet marketing strategies & tools to generate cases for our lawyer clients that turn into big revenue. We generate leads for personal injury, high-end divorces & more.

The Story of Two 25 Y.O Budding Attorneys In New York City Who Graduated Together – Side-By-Side – at Columbia University 

On a beautiful late summer afternoon, twenty-five years ago from today, two whipper snappers graduated from the same college – Columbia Law. They were very much alike, these two young men. 

Both had been Magna Cum Laude, both were on the lightweight rowing team, both were down-to-earth and both – as young college graduates often are – were filled with ambitious dreams to be future successful practicing law attorneys. 

Recently, these two men returned to Columbia for their 25th reunion anniversary. 

They were still very much alike, these two. 

BOTH were happily married. Both had two children. And both, as it turns out, went their separate ways for two different law firms on the opposite side of Manhattan – one in Upper East Side, and the other in Upper West. 

But there was a stark difference.  

One of the men was fighting tooth and nail in the junior law division swimming up to his eyeballs in student loan debt. The other was a partner at a prestigious firm earning just shy of 7-figures a year for his *special contributions* to the its success. 

— What Made The Difference —

The #1 Attorney Legal Lead Generation Company

Have you ever wondered, as I have, what makes this kind of difference in people’s lives?  

It isn’t always a high I.Q, skills or “hard work”. It isn’t that one attorney wants success more than the other. 

The difference is largely due to one’s ability to produce a *steady stream of quality leads* that can make or break a divorce, DUI/DWI, Eviction, Disability, or Bankruptcy attorneys career in the blink of an eye. 

The success and failure of one over the other lies in a SINGLE decision an attorney makes to source a steady flow of clients banging down his doorstep, or ignoring his firm like the plague. 

Which attorney would YOU rather be? 


…or “invisible”? 

Your answer to these questions determines the fate of your practice. That’s why I’m writing to you and to people like you about my lead marketing firm – Ippei Leads, LLC. For that is the whole purpose of our business: To give its clients leads – leads that they can use in business. 

An Attorney Lawyer Internet Marketing Lead Generating Factory Unlike Any Other

You see, Ippei Leads, LLC., is a unique advertising business. With clients located throughout the nation including Miami, FL, each business day, we work tirelessly behind-the-scenes to consistently generate bankable results for our clients. 

It’s not as simple as pushing a button and watching the leads come ‘rollin’ in’, though for you, it IS, because you’re leverage my teams blood, sweat and tears to produce results that – to YOU – is *effortless* and *easy*. 

But we wouldn’t do it if we didn’t love it. There’s something special about taking a struggling attorney and/or practice and helping him or her fulfill their dream and become financially prosperous in the process doing what they love to do. 

A Real Life Story of an Attorney’s Dream

For most attorneys, all those years grinding just to make it OUT of university and pass the bar exam often goes in vain. Sadly, where they began their dreams 25 years ago they leave buried with them alongside their wooden coffin.   

In a New York Times piece released on April 26th, 2015 titled, “Burdened With Debt, Law School Graduates Struggle In Job Market”, the highlight of the article is a gentleman by the name of Jonathan Wong who, himself, graduated from Columbia Law School in 2010. 

He envisioned himself one day becoming a partner and living the good life earning $160,000 a year.  

So where is he now? 

Working in Manhattan as a tutor for the law school admissions exam.  

An honorable position, for sure, but hardly anything worth bragging about considering he had his sights set on more ambitious goals putting his work in college to the ultimate test making the most out of his prestigious degree. 

You could say, for all intents and purposes, he IS the real-life example of the young whipper snapper in our story with a lot of promise who “fell through the cracks” accepting his fate as a test-prep tutor to help pay the rent and keep the lights on while pursuing his dream as a future partner making the “big bucks”. 

There were other people featured in the story but the MAJORITY avoided being interviewed for “fear” of the social consequences of working as a manager at a fast food place or somehow ending up in a ‘last ditch effort’ job totally unrelated to their initial career path of choice.  

On the flip side you have G. Troy Pickett who made different decisions from Anthony. 

Instead of relying on a job market that was quickly dwindling and becoming ever scarcer, he took matters into his own hands and opting to set up his own practice along with a partner. While the rest of his classmates were competing for scrape opportunities on the table with no promise of a future, he rolled up his sleeves, passed the bar, founded a law firm SAME DAY, and most importantly he discovered… 

How To Get A STEADY Flow of High Quality LEADS Knocking On Your Doorstep DAILY. 

Periodically, Ippei Leads, LLC., gives you a written and verbal report on the progress of the work we do on your behalf. We give you numbers, figures and only the most important data you need to know to help you make wiser decisions in your practice.  

Ippei Leads, LLC., gives you all the leads you can possibly bear – when you need it most. 


More Clients = More Power

The Effectiveness of Our Small Legal Law Firm Internet Online Website Marketing and Advertising Campaigns

Right now, I’m most likely talking to one of your local competitors. If he or she decides to take us up on our generous *trial offer* and proceeds to work with us long-term following guaranteed results, competing with our client will be like trying to swim up a waterfall.  

We make it a company policy NOT to over-extend our staff and overflood the market with our client attorney’s competitors. It’s a conflict of interest. We’d much rather it be ‘you’ we generate a ton of leads for over your competitor, but if he/she wants it more than you — like the successful lawyer in our fictionalized story above — than more he shall get. 

If you haven’t tried our services yet, you cannot imagine how useful it can be to you because much of what we offer is offered nowhere else.  

Law Firm SEO Attorney Lawyer Web Marketing Consultation Services

Put our statements to the test by calling our offices now at 248-891-9460 and requesting a 4-week trial period. 

Of course, our leads are just as high a quality during your trial period as they will be during your normal subscription service, so there will be a *small fee* associated. This is the shortest subscription term we offer – and a perfect way to get acquainted with our business practices. 

Or you may prefer to take advantage of a longer-term subscription for greater savings while securing your spot and preventing competing attorneys from ‘stomping on your territory’. 

Simply call us at 248-891-9460 

And Here’s Our Certified Guaranteed 

Should Ippei Leads, LLC., fail to measure up to your standards, you are free to terminate this trial agreement at any point – no questions asked. 

If you believe as we do that this is a fair and reasonable offer, then you will want to discover without delay if Ippei Leads, LLC., can do for YOU what it’s doing for dozens of other successful attorneys on the winning team. So please, if you haven’t done so, give us a ring today.  

By the way… 

…about those two law graduate classmates I mentioned at the start of this letter. They graduated from the same college and were presented with the same opportunities. So what made their lives in law practice different? 

Leads. Quality leads. And it’s application.  

Law Office Marketing and Exclusive Attorney Leads “Made Easy”

I, Ippei, cannot promise you that success will be instantly yours if you start using our lead service. Besides, if you do nothing WITH them, the balls out of our court. We’re counting on you to be the lawyer we know you’re capable of becoming and doing it better than anyone else. A bad attorney can ruin a good lead. 

But I can guarantee that you will find our services highly useful, consistent, and always reliable. 

Sincerely Yours, 

Ippei (CEO and Owner of Ippei Leads, LLC.) 


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Buy High-End Divorce Attorney Leads | Expert Lead Generation Marketing for Divorce Lawyers and Law Firms

If you’ve been asking yourself lately, “Where can I buy or lease the best wholesale quality high-end divorcee leads online?”, you’re in the right place. 

It’s not uncommon for divorce law firms to buy divorce leads online and invest up to 4x times LESS PER LEAD for every dollar acquired per client using our professional services compared to any other advertising source they used previously. 

Here at Ippei Leads, LLC., we consistently generate high-end divorce leads on behalf of our clients, like one legal firm in Miami that invests millions of dollars in advertising per month. 

We’ve tested and spent over a million dollars advertising on behalf of divorce lawyers, attorneys and legal representatives to narrow down what keywords work best for you and your practice, and what doesn’t to maximize your ROI (return on investment). 

It’s not uncommon for us to dominate your local and regional market, destroying your competition and “siphoning” highly-targeted qualified leads that convert like crazy. 

Why Purchase High Priced Family Law Firm Marketing, Advertising and Legal Marital Divorce Separation Leads? 

There’s an ugly blemish on the modern divorce industry.  

Too many couples who can’t afford marriage are getting wed, and nearly HALF of those married couples can’t afford a divorce are seeking it when the “stuff” hits the fan. 

Let’s be honest.  

Divorce IS your business.  

It wouldn’t be such a bad thing if more people getting divorce could pay you to do it. Of course, you don’t *want* couples to get divorced. In a utopian world we would all just “get along”. In reality, people have their differences – some more serious than others.  

You doing your job to assist in divorce proceedings is no different than a firefighter waiting on the sidelines to snuff out a blaze. Similarly, you’re a Professional Disaster Control Specialist who DESERVES to be paid. 

When neither party can adequately afford legal separation from each other’s lives, they’re bound to contact the first “sucker” – we mean, “divorce lawyer” — willing to accept a pinky promise and a handshake for payment on services rendered on their behalf… 

…but only after their paycheck finally clears their bank 12 months later or their assets (usually lack thereof) are divided accordingly, when the stars align in the skies and the fortune teller down the road reveals their future reminding them “it’s time to pay up” after benefiting from your firms’ hard work. 

Many divorce attorneys file bankruptcy abandoning the industry altogether to pack their bags and head off to Tahiti. 

Divorce attorneys can spend YEARS chasing old clients for back payments.  

Have you recently experienced that? 

This is why… 

High-End Wealthy and Rich Divorce Leads Is Where The Magic Happens 

The leads we generate on behalf of our divorce attorney clients are in a league of their own.  

Here’s why: 

For starters, marketing to well-off divorcees can ‘easily’ afford to pay your retainer fees and any additional recurring expenses for your services. You would no longer be operating out of a deficit, but surplus. You spend LESS time negotiating payment terms and options, and MORE time being of service for what you’re paid to do – get your client out of a jam and bring about favorable terms on their behalf so they can start their life anew.  

When less time is wasted chasing clients for billings, more time is invested in providing a superior service your competition could never match. The more competent you are in your job, the more referrals you get from other wealthy, high-end clientele. It’s the old “snowball” effect. 

Our service makes YOUR job EASIER and “STRESS-FREE” compared to the average divorce lawyer having to take their own clients to court themselves to settle past due payments. 

Fortunately, because you’re here, we *know* you’re far from average. 

You’re exceptional… 

…and you expect exceptional results. 

That’s where we – Ippei Leads, LLC. — comes in.  We are also very experienced in generating Personal Injury leads, Bankruptcy lawyer leads & all other types of attorney leads.

We filter and sort the wheat from the chaff on your behalf using our unique lead generating system; sourcing only the best, most qualified leads you could possibly acquire for your practice. 

Now Imagine THIS… 

…your phone is ringing ‘off the hook’ and your assistant can hardly keep up with demand. Best of all, every lead is willing, ready and able to pay you upfront NOW. High-end clients are POURING into your practice in DROVES. 

How would results like THIS change your practice or your life? 

How FAST will your firm EXPLODE and exceed your revenue goals? 

How QUICKLY will your practice THRIVE? 

What will a 6 or 7-fgures annual income do for you and your family and kids? 

How much better could YOU sleep at night without worrying about how you will pay the bills – both at home and your practice? 

It’s A Hard Knock Life For Divorce Lawyers and Attorneys 


…generating leads *on top of* being a professional divorce lawyer is a DRAG. 

If you’ve ever attempted generating leads with limited knowledge and experience, you know trying to do so is about as much fun as chewing on a bowl of nails for breakfast. It’s TOUGH, HARD and BITTER; and it doesn’t get any easier with time on top of your responsibilities as a divorce attorney. 

Your primary focus should be on BEING a divorce lawyer so your skill, time and talent and that of any employees and partners can be best put to use doing what your firm does best, not ‘fiddling’ around with search engines, targeted lead pages, ad copywriting, and all of the other finer details contributing to the success of your campaign by working with our team DIRECTLY for best results. 

The fact of the matter is this: 

You can’t be in two places at one time. 

Marketing, sales and advertising is ‘tough business’. We should know. It’s what we do. It requires YEARS of experience to produce the kinds of results we routinely provide our clients on a routine basis because we know what WORKS and what DOESN’T.  

We are your shortcut to success. 

You attempting to generate leads on your own for your practice would be like one of us heading off to a college for the next 6 years, taking the bar exam and handling our own proceedings. 

As much time as it would take to do it on our own, how much smarter would it be to simply hire ‘you’; someone who has taken the lumps to the head and skillful at finessing the system on our behalf? 

It would FASTER…EASIER…SIMPLER…and CHEAPER then attempting to do it ourselves. 

Being a divorce attorney is ‘tough enough’ — why give yourself more than you can handle? 

That’s we’re *we* come in to tap into our vast knowledge and experience helping divorce lawyers like yourself get the upper leg on all of your local competitors in the surrounding areas.  

But there’s a catch. 

High-Quality Divorcee Leads You Can TRUST 

Divorce leads are *WORTHLESS* if they don’t convert into real, paying clients you can ‘bank on’.  

Our job is to ‘bridge the gap’ between you and distressed couples seeking professional legal representation on their behalf.  

In essence… 

Our Goal Is To JAM Your Phone With High-End Clients On Auto-pilot  

We will help you corner the market, ‘snuff out’ the competition and make you the ‘defector’ divorce lawyer to contact and work with exclusively in your area – locally, regionally and state-wide. 

It’s not uncommon for some of our current clients to have so much work on their plate that they request us to STOP sending them profitable leads to catch their breath and regroup themselves. 

Not a bad problem to have (smiles).  

The Secret To Affordable, Reliable and Dependable High-End Divorce Attorney Leads 

Listen, if you’ve been struggling up to this point to gain any traction in Google and Yahoo’s search engines, we’ve got the solution for you: 

Let US Handle It So YOU Don’t Have To! 

Ranking divorce lawyer and attorney websites for maximum exposure is ‘not an easy gig’.  

Keywords and site placement is more coveted than acquiring a pirate’s treasure chest because high placement on Googles search engines is worth MORE than its weight in gold for your practice. 

The reason why we’re so successful is because we focus on targeting action-oriented keywords with heavy buyer intent your competitors are *blind* to.  

So now… 

 You Only Have TWO Options 

  1. A) Take what we’ve given you thus far, put the pieces of the puzzle together yourself and invest hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars perfecting your marketing and lead generation craft, or…
  2. B) Let us handle EVERYTHING; from marketing, to filtering, to sorting, and generating leads on your behalf so you save both time and money while you focus on getting your clients desired results.

“Option B” is the only choice smart divorce lawyers like yourself make when they want to see RAPID success – FAST! 

Here’s The Bottom-Line 

The owner of Ippei Leads, LLC – Ippei Kanehara – is a “results-only” divorce attorney and lawyer lead generating human machine. 

In other words… 

…We Don’t See A Dime Until You Get Billable Time!

We consistently get more quality leads for *cheaper* than what our clients were paying previously and we do things a ‘bit differently than our competition, namely we begin producing RESULTS (leads) IMMEDIATELY! 

OUR practice is to care for YOUR practice.

We believe in PERFORMANCE, not talk. ACTION, not words. RESULTS, not theory. We’ve ranked many companies from various industries including one Miami based law firm that spends millions of dollars in advertising monthly.  

That’s MILLIONS with a capital “M”. 

However, we do NOT take on just *any* client demanding our services. We only work with ONE client EXCLUSIVELY to help his or her business *dominate* the search engines, CRUSH their competition and rake in lots and lots of profit for your firm. 

Here’s The Deal 

Ippei Leads has done most of the leg work for you. We’ve back tested, live tested and put our money where our mouth is spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to learn *definitively* what lead generation strategy converts best for divorce lawyers, and what doesn’t; sparing no expense, because we already have attorney and law clients.  

When you hire us, you’re tapping into a vast database of knowledge, experience and resources you’ll be hard-pressed to find anywhere else for our affordable prices.  

Remember, all of the “trial n’ error” work has been done. All you have to do is prepare your firm to experience the results and influx of business that comes knocking on your office doors.  

Our business model is simple. You pay for high quality leads we generate on your behalf using our expertise. 

Don’t underestimate the amount of time, money and effort it took for us to provide a “turn-key lead generation service”. It wasn’t easy by any means. Not even Michael Jordan – the world-famous basketball player – could score every basket despite winning 6 championships every championship game. We missed many baskets; lost many games; but ultimately came out ahead with a proven WINNING FORMULA that converts the BEST keywords and landing pages to effectively convert cold and warm traffic into cash paying leads for your firm. 


Let’s Work TOGETHER To BUILD Your Case Load Today

For every minute you contemplate giving us a call at 248-891-9460, your competition will surely beat you to the punch. We’d hate to be the bearer of bad news, so don’t make the mistake of waiting even a moment sooner to request your FREE CONSULTATION with the owner himself. 

Ippei (owner of Ippei Leads, LLC.) will evaluate your situation, go over your specific needs in detail and provide a strategic plan to get you swimming in an endless sea of clients faster than you can say, “lickity split” regardless if you handle unbundled legal services, offer full-representation or both. 


Call us NOW for your FREE “NO-OBLIGATION” CONSULTATION: – 248-891-9460 

Other Lawyer Leads we provide:

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Buy Personal Injury Leads | Top Quality Auto Accident Cases On-Demand | Lead Generation Marketing for PI Attorneys

Lead Generation Personal Injury

How We Generated 78 PI Cases in 31 days


How we generated 78 PI Cases in 31 days



We have been generating Personal Injury Leads for attorneys nationwide for less while for some of the biggest law firms in the country, including one legal firm from Miami that spends several million in advertising per month.

We commonly see law firms spend 3-4 times less per lead that convert at a much higher percentage with us than any other sources of advertising that they were using previously.

At this point, we have already spent over a million in advertising for personal injury lawyers and have very good understanding of which keywords to go after to gain the maximum results.

It only takes us maybe a week or two in the new market, until we are beating the competition in local lead generation and are able to provide our clients, highly targeted leads that convert like crazy.


Contact Us Today


How come our Personal Injury Lead Generation can produce a lead that converts at a much higher percentage?


Unlike traditional form of advertising such as TV, Newspaper, Radio, Billboards, etc.

We generate our leads directly from the top online search engines including (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc)

So these are people actively searching for help in your area. We are not blasting the advertising to just anybody driving on the highway such is the case for billboard ads, we are only getting in front of people that are searching for a personal injury lawyer, to begin with.

To increase the quality of leads, it is all about getting in front of the right audience. We want to get advertise to individuals who are currently suffering from the negligent acts of another, and the pain & suffering is acute. These people need help right away and in these kinds of circumstances, they will go online to look for help, to seek out the right attorney for them asap and they will take action.


Every human makes decisions based on one of two things, to move away from pain or to move towards pleasure. More often than not, moving away from pain is a more powerful motivator for action.

This is where we come into play and are able to get in front of these potential clients that need help.

Our expertise allows us to target very action-oriented keywords with heavy buyer intent that your competitors aren’t paying attention to. Thus we are able to capture these high-quality leads cheaper than your competition and conversion is also better.

If you’re a plaintiff’s attorney seeking inquiries looking for legal representation, contact us today.


We have experience in generating leads for specific cases such as

Car wreck accident leads


Slip and Fall – Premises Leads


Wrongful Death Leads


Boating Accident Leads


Intentional Tort Leads

Motorcycle Accident Leads

Dog Bite Leads


Negligence Leads

Whiplash claims


Compensation lawyer leads


Medical Malpractice Lawyers Leads


Bottom Line


We are confident in our abilities to get you some of the best cases leads to personal injury law in your area. Our leads have completely transformed law firms and other businesses alike. The owner of Ippei Leads LLC is an expert online marketer that still oversees every client & project. With our lead generation skills, you will not wait months to see results or cases booked. You will see results within the first couple of weeks. You will see positive ROI (Return on Investment) within a month, often times much sooner. We don’t lock clients into some bogus contract if you’re not happy with results you are never obligated to continue working with us. We can do this because we know exactly what we are doing online with personal injury lead generation. This is not our first rodeo. We’re not going out there and “trying” various things for you and hoping for the best.

Our methods are premeditated, methodical, & precise. We are more like a brain surgeon, that will go into your market identify the weaknesses of your competition & where your firm is lacking, and then precisely & accurately operate a procedure so that your law firm will begin getting the high-quality leads that were previously going to your competition.

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Plumber Leads – How to Generate Leads Organically in 2019


Looking into Why Most Plumbers Fail at Generating Good Leads:

Let’s go into more details. Most of these companies tend to take the easy route and look to use the paid lead services such as:



There are a few issues with these services though. Anybody can use them! They become very overloaded and you end up having to fight for your leads rather than dominating your competition. Before we continue on, these paid services can actually work for some companies. There are so many factors involved such as city they are located and what they do. More than likely though, these pay per click services become very costly. They can lack results and consistency. The reality is, paid services are not the ideal plumbing Lead Generation Strategy. One bad thing is that you are always fighting with your competition. Businesses dread competition. The only people that like competition is the consumer because they get better/reduced prices. That allows the consumer to become the dictator.


Let’s go more in detail on some of the issues with pay per lead services.


1. They oftentimes send prices shooting down. Let’s look at homeadvisor for an example. They send your lead out to all the local plumbers that are signed up to use them. When they do this, your company has to fight for that lead with everyone else signed up. You are going to have to underprice your job. Nobody wants to share a lead with people willing to undercut their job.


2. Dealing with “tire kickers” and “price shoppers”: The majority of people that use the sites we talked about tend to only look for the lowest price, not always the best quality. The people that actually have the money to invest in the best quality may never even see you because they only search on Google, rather than using homeadvisor.


3. A good percentage of the market uses Google: Traffic that is gain by the sites we went over is pale in comparison from the people that search on Google. If the lead source you are using is only dependent on paid advertising then you are missing out on a huge market. Google has the most potential.


4. Getting charged for stuff you didn’t pay for: When you use Google Adwords, you get charged for every click. There are a bunch of clicks that are fraudulent, and most people aren’t even aware of this. That basically means that people are getting charged for spam clicks. When using homeadvisor, you get charged for poor quality leads and ones that you never had a realistic chance of landing.


Number 4 is huge. Most people aren’t aware of the issue. We have a unique, in-house software that can detect those bot clicks on Google Ads. The statistics that we have are crazy to see how much money people are wasting on bad clicks. Almost everyone doesn’t want their business to have to rely on paid advertising because you aren’t in control of the ROI and the quality of leads you are going after. We take control of top spots in Google. If you search for “Plumbing in Los Angeles” We make sure that your business will show up at the very top of that search result. This produces great results because most people use google.


Who we are:


My name is Ippei (E-pay) and I have been generating leads for businesses in the area for years now. I do this by using SEO and search engine optimization. All in all, I have the tools that are needed in order to make sure my client’s site gets to that top spot we talked about. I can get their map listing pinned as well. I have seen a huge difference by doing this compared to the people that use the paid services, such as homeadvisor, google ads or other plumbing lead companies. When you control the market, you get the power to demand your price. You are going to see yourself booked out months in advance. When you achieve the top spot on Google, you are going to see a plethora of the phone calls from the ideal customers. Consistency is great for companies because it allows them to keep expanding and work on other things. Even if what we are putting down for you isn’t good enough and you want to keep using the paid services, there’s nothing wrong with that. If you are seeing a positive ROI I suggest that you continue on that route. But now know what I know, if I were the owner of a plumbing company, the first thing I would do is to make sure that I get the top spot on Google.  The top of Google is a life changed.  All the stats we have prove this.


Finally, the Answer: Best Plumbing Lead Generation Strategy is Smart SEO


The bottom line is this: Use paid services if you are beginning out or seeing an ROI. But if you want to get to the next level, that simply isn’t enough. You need to dominate Google. If you want to land all of the huge jobs we mentioned, you have to rank for the main keywords plus your city. Some examples may include:

  • Plumbing in Jacksonville
  • Plumbing companies in New Orleans
  • Home plumbers Seattle
  • Commercial plumbing in Phoenix


This may be obvious information, but you can’t stop there. The highly searched keywords we just liked are one of the top factors when attempting to get your site to the top. They aren’t the only “money” keywords though. People aren’t just searching for those. It’s truly amazing to see the list of keywords that people actually are spending the time to research in Google. As a company, you need to identify what the “unique” ones are and do whatever possible to obtain them. If you don’t have them, then you can be sure someone else is going after them. -highest quality plumbers -top notch plumbing companies in Memphis -finest plumbers Detroit -cheap and affordable indoor plumbers Cleveland If you have your eye set on a set of high paying jobs, you have to make sure that you are appearing in front of them when they search for those phrases. Your potential customers that need your service are ready to pay you. But how are they finding you? They are searching for those words in Google that we went over. You have to be the first thing in front of their eyes when they search for those words. When you get to the top, you can demand whatever you would like for your prices. Then you eliminate the competition. This is the most logical way when we look at SEO. Get the keywords that make you the most money. You also want to make sure you are ranking yourself the in smaller surrounding cities. For Example: you want to make sure that you aren’t only at the top of the rankings for Baltimore. You also want to make sure that you rank for the cities that are around Baltimore. It’s astonishing to see the money that my clients make from the smaller suburbs.



Most companies simply don’t do enough on the internet. There are countless amounts of “keywords” that have to do with plumbing that will land you high paying jobs. A lot of the companies on the internet don’t have these words. If you only try to rank yourself for “plumbing” you are missing out dearly. True lead generation is what we define it as the research it takes to figure out what your customers are looking for. It’s a rather complicated and lengthy process, but it can seriously end up making some money in the end. Every new keyword results in more money. A ton of companies don’t even know what they are missing. When you get to the top for the higher quality keywords such as:   “Top of the line plumbing in Memphis” You are going to directly set yourself up in front of the most ideal customers for yourself. They have already decided that they are going to invest. Every lead is created differently. When you use the strategic strategies, you can attack way more. You are going to land more quality leads and close way more jobs. This is going to leave your competition in the dust. Let them fight for the scraps on the paid services such as Google Ads. What we’re doing now, is showing business owners how to get these skills and generate leads on their own.


Learn How to Generate Your Own Plumbing Leads in 2020 with Our Coaching Program

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