How to Start a Local Lead Generation Business from Scratch in 2020

Hey guys, My name is Ippei, you found my site which is my own lead generation company that does $50K per month.

I’ve been running a lead generation business since 2014, where I provide leads for various small businesses across US.

How does this business work? Let me explain…

I send more customers to businesses, they make more money & they pay me a percentage of how much business I am able to bring them.

Most of my clients pay me based on my performance.

When you have really good skills you can create win-win relationship where everyone makes more money & the business owners will love you.

These days I continue to work on my lead generation business but there’s so many cities & niches out there that I am now promoting the coaching program that showed me everything I know today to start my lead generation business and build it to multiple 6 figures.

Learning how to generate leads for other businesses was the skills I needed to quit my 9 to 5 job that I hated where I was only making $35K a year.

Going from only making $35K for a year to now making $50K per month has been life changing to say the least. Now I am passionate about showing others how to do the same.

If you like the following things, then you might want to seriously consider starting your own lead generation business.

  • Working from home, be your own boss
  • Earn passive income, no longer having to trade in time for money
  • Travel the world more, work from anywhere, anytime
  • No ceiling to your earning potential, everyday increase your income
  • Be proud of what you do, because you make a real difference in other business owners’ lives
  • Build an ethical business that’s here to stay for the long term

You like what I’m throwin’ down?


Let me now give you the rundown of my local lead generation business.

Step 1) Building the Lead Generation Website

This is all about learning how to build the actual lead generation website.

On this site you want all the pertinent information about the niche you’re trying to generate the leads in.

What services do you offer?

Which areas / cities do you service?

You also want to make sure you use a tracking phone number with a local area code.

The key with this step is to have a fast process of creating these sites that are both aesthetic and highly functional, mobile friendly.

You don’t want to be stuck dealing with HTML codes or other fancy technical stuff, you want a system that can crank out these sites effortless which our coaching program will show you in more detail.

Step 2) Creating the Google Map Listing

Creating a map listing is one thing that most people can learn how to do.

But to optimize it properly so that it can out rank other map listings is another thing.

This is the crucial step most local business owners don’t know about so when you come in with these additional ranking strategies, you can do that much better than the competition.

Map listing is where i generate tons of leads so you never want to overlook this step.

Its highly important and most business owners are only scratching the surface of what is possible with map listings.

Step 3) Ranking the Website

if you own a business and your website is sitting on page 3, its as useless as a pamphlet that’s sitting in your closet.

What causes a website to rank is all about its back link profile, basically when quality websites link to your site, its a vote in Google’s eyes that your site should get ranked higher in the search engines.

Now naturally waiting for someone to link to your site is not a very good way to go, you could be waiting for eons.

You want to have a system where you can create your own backlinks to your own lead gen sites.

Having this skill is what will really separate you from the competition because 98% of digital marketing agencies out there don’t know how to do this well.

When you lean how we are creating our own links inside the coaching program, its going to give you massive confidence in the market place because you’ll be able to routinely beat your competition to the top of page 1 search results.

Our process doesn’t involve any “begging for links” such as going out there and contacting other site owners for guest post opportunities or link outreach.

Its much more methodical way of link building where you own 100% of the assets meaning we teach you how to build your own sites where you can create your own links from, that’s both powerful and safe. Much more powerful than the types of links most local business sites are getting.

Getting excited yet?

Step 4) Providing Results in Advance & Landing the deal

Once your site begins to rank and your map listing continues to get optimized.

Your site will begin generating free traffic and the leads will start coming through.

You will begin forwarding these leads to a local business owner directly, but with a twist, each time they receive your lead, you’re going to fire off a notification to them so that they know that they are getting leads from somewhere else.

They’ll begin to wonder, “Who’s sending me these free leads?”

When they close one of those leads, and it turns into a real job and they get money in their pocket.

Then they’re really gonna wanna know who the heck is sending me these leads?

After they get some results in advance, then you’ll call them explaining to them those were your leads that you were sending.

9 times out of 10, they’ll be super eager to do business with you.

Because you’re different from most marketers, that constantly bug them and ask for money.

Most business owners want more customers, they just don’t trust most marketers because they get calls from them asking for money all day long.

But when you come in and provide free results in advance, immediately you’re seen as different.

This is utilizing one of the sales tactic, the law of reciprocity.

Which means when you provide value for someone upfront, they feel inclined to give back.

When you provide leads up front, then its much easier to strike up a deal with them and close a flat rate monthly deal or a deal where you get paid based on performance.

Some students charge per lead while other students charge a percentage of whatever that business generates from your leads.

The coaching program goes more in detail about how to structure these deals.

The beauty of this method is you don’t have to be any good at sales to land these deals because a business owner that wants more business would be happy to pay you based on performance because they don’t have to take on any risks that way.

This is the major reason why lead generation model works so much better than landing SEO clients.

Because you control & own 100% of the assets.

All the lead gen sites you build, you own, so if the business owner you land doesn’t do good, you can simply switch them out with another local business.

This means you’ll continue to get paid regardless of what might happen to the client.


I hope you liked what I shared here, my entire lead generation business blueprint that I’ve used to build my $50K per month lead generation business, Ippei Leads.

It has allowed me to live a life of freedom and financial confidence.

One of my mentors, Dan Lok, taught me a very important lesson.

Which was “Don’t seek for financial freedom, seek for financial confidence”

What does this mean?

It means to understand that the wealthiest people on the planet don’t think it terms of financial freedom and never having to work again and sitting on a beach sipping on Pina Colada for the rest of their days, people like Warren Buffet could have retired long time ago yet they are still working hard everyday late into their 80’s.


Because they’re passionate about growth & expansion and doing better than they did last year. That’s what life is about. Tony Robbins identified it as the key to happiness is expansion.

Wealthy people think about financial confidence.

They think of developing their skills & getting better.

Not this notion of financial freedom and never having to work again.

In fact work should be something that you love & enjoy, it should become your passion.

It certainly has for me, I used to be into video games when I was a kid, not anymore.

While some of my friends that I went to high school with, still play video games, I haven’t played in years because I find working on my business & achieving tangible real-life results like making more money  so much more enjoyable.

For example, I’m writing this blog post and its 1 AM in the morning and it doesn’t feel like work to me at all, I actually love this.

Financial confidence comes from developing your high-income skills.

Because no one can take your skills away from you.

Even if you go bankrupt, lose all your assets, financial confidence is about having the knowing & confidence that you can build it all back up again.

Because your skills are your skills. You know exactly what to do to get yourself back up to that level again.

Thanks to this local lead generation course, I have some of this financial confidence now.

There was a time when making $10K per month seemed so far out of reach for me.

Now I feel making $10K per month is no big deal & actually feels way too low for me now because my standards have gone up.

Most importantly, I now feel like I am worth a lot more than that because of the skills & expertise that I’ve developed.

If you want to live a 6 figure laptop lifestyle, its not about jumping from one business opportunity to another.

Its all about hunkering down and developing your skills until you become that person that is capable of delivering 6 figures worth of value to the marketplace.

I’ll leave you with this video which explain exactly that.

I hope you got a lot out of that.

Lead generation skill is in my opinion one of the most sought after skill on the internet and its one of the best high-income skill you can learn in 2018 if you wanna live that laptop lifestyle.

Every business needs lead generation without it they might as well not be in business but the problem is most business owners don’t have the time to become experts at internet marketing.

They’re too busy running the day to day operations of their business.

This is where I come in with my lead gen skills to help these businesses out by handling their entire online marketing for them. & seriously impact their bottom line revenue and I’m able to prove it because every lead I generate is tracked.

I routinely double or triple a businesses’ revenues after I enter the picture.

When you can show these kind of results, these business owners will pay you handsomely, treat you like a king/queen and will want to keep you around for good.

This is the kind of leverage you can have in the market place when you develop your high-income skill of lead generation.

This is what we are teaching others to do: 1st the skills and then A through Z training on how to build that scalable multiple 6 figure lead gen business.

Go here to get started.