How to generate better Construction Leads online? SEO Marketing vs Pay per Lead Advertising

Why Most Advertising on the internet Fail at producing the best Leads for Construction Companies:

Search Engine Optimization vs Pay per Click & Lead: Which online marketing model is better for the Construction Niche?

Let’s explore a little more into it.

Most of the construction companies just pay the first company they search for to generate leads for themselves.

Some of these would include:

-Google Adwords


-Ads on yellowpages

-Ads on Yelp



There is a big issue with using these companies though. Anybody under the sun can use them. That includes your competition. These companies become over used very quickly and before you know it you’re competing with your competition rather than commanding them.

Occasionally, these services can work for some companies. It all depends on the niche and city.

Repeatedly though, these pay per click / pay per lead services become pricey, lack consistent outcomes, and don’t entirely produce the desired results.

Basically, these paid services aren’t the finest construction lead generation strategy.

One con of using these services is that you are using the same strategies as your competition is using.

The more competition, the worse off your business is. You and your competition fighting is only going to benefit the customer.

This makes the customer the dictator.

Let’s examine a little more into cons of using paid services.

  1. Most of the time, they drive the “big-picture” prices into the ground: Home Advisor sends out the lead to all of the local construction companies. When this happens, your company has to fight with your competition. This makes your asking price that you quote for X job go down in price. I don’t think any companies want to share a possible construction lead with 10 other companies that could charge less than me.
  2. Having to deal with the annoying price shoppers and tire kickers: As most people would expect, people searching on these sites (Yellowpages, Homeadvisor, and thumbtack) want the lowest price they can find. They sometimes don’t even look for the highest quality. The companies with the jobs may not even find you because they just look for the top ranked companies on google, not home advisor.
  1. Most of the market uses Google: traffic that is gained by using a paid site (home advisor) is so much less compared to people searching in Google. If the only lead source you have is coming from paid services, then you are missing a huge marketplace of google organic rankings, which mainly has the biggest potential.
  1. Getting charged for leads that aren’t what you are looking for: For example, when you use Google Adwords, you are getting charged for every click. Not every click is a legit one. There are tons of fraudulent clicks that business owners aren’t even aware of. These can come from scammers or bots. When using home advisor or thumbtack, you are simply getting charged for for poor quality leads, that you never really even had a chance of getting.

Con 4 is a huge issue that tons of business owners didn’t even know existed.

We use a one of a kind in house software that detects that awful spam, and bot clicks on Google Ads. The stats end up showing crazy results of how much money is being wasted on bad clicks.

Chances are, most people would never want their business to be solly reliant upon paid advertising because you aren’t in full control of the ROI and quality of the leads.

We own number one spots in Google organic rankings.

Example: If you were to search “Construction companies in Seattle” in Google

We make sure your business will show up at the top of that search result. Because people using Google’s search engine on their computer, along with smart phones, we end up producing the best results.

Who we are:

My Client and I

Stats from a Client


We dominate #1 Spots

My name is Ippei (E-Pay), and i’ve been creating leads for businesses in the local area for years now. I have done this by using straight up biological SEO and search engine optimization. I have the tools that are needed in order to make sure my client’s site reaches the top of Google’s rankings. I also make sure their map listing is listed at the top as well.

Over the years, I have seen a great difference in going this route versus companies that are having success with homeadvisor, Google ads, or other construction lead companies.

When you control the market, you set your prices. You will get the best and most quality jobs available. Thus in turn, you will begin to start booking your company out for weeks in advance. When you secure the top spot on the top of the search engine (Google), you are going to get those phone calls from the most ideal clients that have cash in hand, ready to hire. They need immediate service. When you consistently begin to do this, it allows your company to grow and hire more workers.

Even after being informed about paid per services, if you still want to continue using them, that’s fine. If you are seeing a positive ROI, I suggest you stick with them.

But with my knowledge and experience, if I owned a construction company, the first thing I would do is to try and secure the top spot in Google search for my city.

Being at the top of google will change your life.

The numbers support this.

The Solution: Best Construction Lead Generation Planning is Wise SEO


The final comment:

Using paid service is fine if you are seeing positive ROI or just beginning out.

But in order to make the jump, that isn’t going to cut it.

You need to dictate google.

To land the big leads, you need to rank for the main keywords plus your city.

For example:

-Construction companies New York

-Construction contractors Buffalo

-Development companies Oklahoma City

Regardless, you can’t settle with this.

Highly searched keywords are should be the top factor when you are trying to rank your site. These however, aren’t the only money keywords.

It’s crazy to see the list of keywords that people actually search up in google. You need to identify them and obtain them. If you aren’t ranked for these terms, you can bet that other companies in your area are.

(money keywords)

If there is a certain high paying job that you really want, you have to make sure that your site is getting out to the people that have them. To do this, you need to make sure your site is coming up when they search for those keywords.

Your clients that need special services have money in hand. You have to think how are they finding me? They are searching for those keywords.

You have to make sure that when they search for those keywords that you are the first thing they see. When you get to the top, you’re the dictator to your competition’s prices. They are competing with you now.

Going this route is the smart way to go when you look at the SEO sector of your company. Getting those keywords that bring in the money.

Also, you need to rank in smaller surrounding cities where there are affluent people.

For example: You don’t want to just have the top spot for Construction companies in Houston, but also the smaller cities around Houston. Most of my clients are in awe at the leads we produce for them from these smaller suburbs that they never even thought to target before.


Most companies aren’t doing what it takes on the internet.

There are hundreds of keywords that are involved with construction in some aspect. These words bring in the big bucks. Most of these companies tend to lack them though. If you only target the word “construction” you are missing out big time.

True online lead generation is all about the research it takes to figure out what your customers want from you.

Not going to lie, it isn’t an easy process. If the time is put in though, it can be really beneficial in the end. Every new keyword equals more money you make.

Most companies don’t see what they are missing out on yearly.

If you only spend the time with companies like google ads, you are dealing with a small portion of the marketplace, mainly filled with price shoppers(mainly). You are missing the big customers with cash in hand, ready to hire.

When you are at the top for higher quality keywords such as:

“First-rate construction companies in Los Angeles”

You are going to appear in front of the ideal clients right when they hit enter.

These customers have already made the decision to invest.

Every lead is much different though.

When you use smart SEO strategies, you go right for the higher volume, more quality leads. These leads are going to help you close the higher paying jobs at a much higher percentage. This is going to leave your competition with no other choice other than to use paid services such as Google Ads. Make them fight for the scraps and compete with each other, while you sit in your throne.

If you are interested in this great switch, and getting more high quality construction leads for your company, make sure to contact us here.