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For some of these clients I have multiple top rankings in different cities.


Robert Pacahana (Tree service in Oakland County, Michigan)

Mike (Owns a limousine company in Michigan)

Dion (Owner of Aerial Tree & Lawn Care in Central Michigan)

Chris (Owner of in Lansing, MI)

Anthony Lester (Tree Service Tyler TX)

Llamar (Towing in Oakland County)

Andrew & Bruce (Five Star Doors, Garage Door Repair in Mich)

Eduardo (Owner of Bluelight Pool Finishes in Orlando, FL): (407) 720-8830

Brian (Owner of AfterHours Heating & Cooling in Chesapeake, VA) (757) 617-242

Mike (Owner of Tippman Tree Service of Fort Wayne, IN) (260) 438-5552

Dustin (Timber Ridge Tree Service of Grand Rapids, MI): 616-262-7774


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Hi, my name is Ippei Kanehara, pronounced Epay. I do SEO that is very result oriented and aggressive since a lot of clients pay me based on my performance. I have many #1 ranked sites and I have the skills to go into any city and take the top spots. I’m dedicated at doing whatever it takes to get the top rankings that can completely change a business. I do not take on just any client, I only work with 1 client exclusively for that city & niche. What I am looking for is someone that is looking to dominate their competition and expand their business to the next level.

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